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Asahi Beer Hakata Factory

I know beer is loved by many people all over the world, although I can not drink any. Even though I can't have beer or any kind of alcohol, I enjoy watching people drinking and feeling happy.

I would like to introduce the ASAHI Beer Hakata Factory. It is located near JR Takeshita station (Kagoshima honsen line), which is next to Hakata station.

It takes just 3 minutes by walking from Takeshita station, which has a big sign to show the direction to the factory.

2015/ 6/20  5:29

According to their website, it says if you would like to apply for a tour in English or Korean, make a phone call in advance to make a reservation. Online reservation is available only in Japanese.

The length of the time for the tour including short movie and beer tasting is about 90 minutes.

First, they start with a short movie.It gives us brief explanations of the order of the process to make beer. By watching the movie, I was impressed to see that all the beer makers are so passionate to share the delicious taste of beer and to touch people's hearts. And that is the motivation for making beer. It was something I did not know about beer. A sign welcomes you at the entrance, saying "Share the heart touch" in Japanese under "Asahi". I can't translate it well, but for sure this is the spirit they put in their art work, Asahi Beer, thinking about beer lovers!

2015/ 6/24 19:58

After the movie, we went on to a tour inside the factory with a lady as a guide. We were not allowed to take any picures in the factory, where all the machines and workers were on duty.

The nice lady guide gave us detailed explanations how their beer was made as she showed us panels, real ingredients to touch, smell, and even eat like barley and hops. We could taste barley, I felt it didn't have a strong taste and had natural flavor a little bit like some kind of grass.

Our guide was so nice and kind. And I was surprised and also impressed how well she was educated about beer and the company. We could easily understand what she said while following her steps on the tour.

At the end, she asked us if we had any questions. A few people asked questions, and without any hesitation or any pause, she gave us the answers which were so clear and easy to understand.

Everyone was happy to go to the next step, beer tasting!

2015/ 6/24 20:14

We could drink up to three glasses of freshly made beer out of three or four kinds. For the people who can't drink beer, they have several kinds of juice, tea, mineral water, and non-alcohol beer. And all are Asahi products.

This time, after all the lessons learned from the tour about how their beer is made, I felt like I wanted to taste beer, so I picked non-alcohol beer for tasting. I wanted to pretend to be a beer lover, because I wanted to show my appreciation for beer makers' hearts towards the consumers all over the world.

2015/ 6/24 20:21

While we were enjoying drinking, a lady staff showed us how to pour canned beer into a glass well with a good balance of foam on beer.

2015/ 6/24 20:32

One great thing about this tour and tasting is that it is all free! All you need is to call for a reservation. I heard they have two staffs who can give you guide in English. Also, Korean guide is available.

I'm sure you will love beer even more after you go on this brewery tour. I learned that Asahi beer is made by love of people towards beer lovers like you.

So, come and feel it!

Address: 3-1-1 Takeshita, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka 812-0895

Tel: 092-431-2701

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