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Friendly Hero Shows in Kashii-kaen

I don't know where to start. It was so much fun today! I had great memories with Ninninjaa.

Do you know anything about Japanese TV shows, like hero series? Currently, Ninninjaa is fun to watch especially for children.

If you are with children in Fukuoka, you shouldn't miss a chance to make them smile with heroes like Ninninjaa. I forgot to tell you they are Ninja Hero Rangers.

In Kashii-kaen amusement park, they have many types of event on the stage almost every weekend. Several kinds of hero shows (super sentai like Ninninjaa, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, etc), comedy shows, character shows such as Doraemon and other fun performances can be enjoyed depending on the weekend you wish to go.

I think today (14th of June, 2015) was special.  They had this ride on the "Nishitetsu train" with Red Ninja and Pink Ninja from Kaizuka station to Kashiikaen-mae station, and back to Kashii-kaen all included.

While I was waiting in line to greet and take picture with Ninninjaa, I asked the Nishitetsu staff. "Are there any other places in Japan that have events like this one, with trains and heroes?" He replied, "Well, no. This is the only train where you can meet your favorite heroes. We started this event 4 years ago, and have continued every year around May or June. We have different heroes each time. We start to inform about it a few months in advance."

I felt lucky to be in Fukuoka as I heard this answer. Trains and heroes, two favorite things for children, and grown ups like us.


At 9:00am, Red Ninja and Pink Ninja showed up and it was picture time!

We had to take pictures with them since we had been waiting in line. We were the second group. There was just one family in front of us. Grandpa and a boy. They told us they came last year,too, and were No.1 in the line. Wow, two years in a row! His smile can tell how much he likes this event, don't you think?


As the train started about 30 minutes later, we had this really nice communication with Ninninjaa on the train.

As we arrived in Kashii-kaen, other members of Ninninjaa were waiting and greeted us at the South gate near the stage (Blue Ninja, Yellow Ninja, and White Ninja).

The Front gate is very close from the Nishitetsu "Kashiikaen-mae station" (30 seconds walk).

But if you want to meet heroes before the show begins, for photo-shoots and playing with them, you must enter from the South gate (South gate is open only on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). You just continue around the road along Kashii-kaen and walk for about 10 minutes from the Front gate.

They shows times are twice daily. The first show is from 11:00 am and the second one begins at 2:00 pm. The length of the show 30 minutes for each.


After the show there is an autogragh session (500 yen), goods selling and picture time! You can take a memorial picture with all members of the ranger heroes who have just acted and fought against the evils and it is for free, with your own camera (mobile phone camera is also OK).

You can take a picture for your child and you can also ask the staff to take a picture of you with the hero, if you want to be in the picture.

Kashii-kaen must be the smallest amusement park I have ever been. But the power of amusing us is the best I have ever felt. For me it maybe because of their hero shows like Ninninjaa. Since it is not such a big place more personal communications are likely. You can almost feel like your favourite TV heroes are your friends.

Masked heroes don't talk. But with their whole body, they say they like you a lot!


So come see the heroes to make friends with them. There is no border in friendship between you and the Japanese heroes, like Ninninjaa.

Even if you don't know any Japanese words, just call their name and they are happy to come to you to hold your hands with love and care.


More Information:

Website (in Japanese):

Phone: 092-681-1602

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