Colorful Sweets Cafes of Sendai

3 Colorful Sweets Cafes of Sendai

Tokyo has always been a predominant center of entertainment and food service, from countless animal cafes and bakeries to seasonal anime cafes and the new permanent Sailor Moon dinner theater. With such a heavy focus in Tokyo, it can be hard to find the same services beyond there except maybe in Osaka or Kyoto. So to help out those traveling far and wide with a sweet tooth, here are three prime sugar spots you can find in the Sendai City in Miyagi prefecture.

& sweets! sweets! buffet! Alice

(Yes, that's the title). For those who are enormous Disney fans, you need look no further than Alice. The entire place is decorated from wall to wall, ceiling to floor in decor all resembling Alice in Wonderland, but is far from exclusive to just the curious little girl who tumbled down the rabbit hole.

While you eat, you can relax to a selection of Disney songs playing the entire time, from their original English versions, to the Japanese dubs. And when we say they play everything, we mean everything from the golden age classics to the Disney Renaissance, Pixar, and even piano or orchestral melodies.

Food selection includes a wide variety of cakes, ice cream, crepes, jello, cream puffs, and even a self serve cotton candy machine. If you’re not 100% wanting dessert, then don’t worry. There is plenty of pizza, pasta, chicken wings, french fries, nuggets, a salad bar, and much more! The drink bar includes an assortment of teas, coffee, hot chocolate, and soft drinks. For a small additional fee, you can enjoy a more private ice cream bar (separate from their normal one) featuring several flavors of name brand Häagen-Dazs.

A usual assortment is available year around, but Alice’s still loves to celebrate the changing of seasons and holidays with new themes which they rotate every few months.

Themes include Kaguya in May and June, Hawaiian in July and August, Halloween during September and October, Christmas in November and December, Strawberry Craze in January and February, and Honey in March and April. If that wasn’t enough, you can be sure to expect a special surprise if you happen to go there and mention if it’s your birthday. Don’t forget to take a photo on the Queen’s throne before you leave!

Price: About 2000 to stay for 2 hours. Credit card payment is accepted.
Location: Sendai Focus 3F. 3-chome-11-1 5 Ichibancho, Aoba Ward, Sendai 980-0811. The building is right across the street from the Sendai Disney Store.
Hours: 10am - 8:30pm
Website (Japanese)

Sweets Paradise

A popular chain of dessert buffets called Sweets Paradise can be found in almost any metropolitan city in the country. At a glance, it can be very similar to Alice, but with the dessert and savory is much greater, and portions heavier than the Disney themed cafe mentioned above. They will have more variations of pasta, vegetables, cakes, curry, juices, soups, and even a popcorn machine that Alice won’t.

What’s more, Sweets Paradise is known to do multiple collaborations with various anime studios and game developers to create new themed menu items year round. At the time of writing this, Sweets Paradise is currently doing a campaign in part with the hit mobile game Food Fantasy.

If you aren’t a Disney fan, or perhaps have more dietary restrictions, then Sweets Paradise is perfect for you. What’s more, since they have locations all over the country, you’ll be able to find them in Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Oita. What’s more, given that the all-access entry price is cheaper than Alice, odds are you’ll get a better deal if you can live without a Disney logo.

Price: Varies depending on time, food limitations (cake only/salad bar only/ice cream bar included, etc.) and child vs adult prices. Though a regular all-you-can-eat 70 minute stay is 860 yen per child and 1530 yen per adult. Cash Only.
Location: Sendai Parco, 8F. Right next to the Sendai Pokemon Center and Shonen Jump Store. 1-chome-2-3 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi
Hours: 10am - 8pm
Website (Japanese)

Cafe MythiQue

The last sugar spot on our list is a quiet little place located close to Sendai’s popular shopping district. At Cafe MythiQue, customers can enjoy the quiet atmosphere looking out over the busy streets from the third floor window, or relax on one of their couches.

Unlike Alice’s or Sweets Paradise, MythiQue is like just a normal cafe. You’ll be able to find a fine selection of handmade coffees, but also doubles as a small bakery. All of Cafe MythiQue’s sweets are hand-made, from cheesecake and fruit tarts, to their signature fruit pudding cups.

While it isn’t as colorful and exciting as the buffets mentioned above, it is still perfect for those looking to just step away from sightseeing and tourism for a moment and unwind. What’s more, another added little surprise is that you expected every latte to come with hand crafted artwork, some even as detailed 3D foam sculptures.

On occasion, they have even been known to do collaboration campaigns with various manga to create themed cakes and drinks centered around popular characters such as One Piece. With a slight bit more decor related to Studio Ghibli franchises, almost every table is topped with a forest spirit from Princess Mononoke.

Feel free to flip through one of the free magazines they have for guests, or pick of some of their own house coffee beans before you leave.

Price: 500 - 2000 depending on product purchased. Cash only.
Location: 水晶堂ビル 3F 2-chome-4-11 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi.
Hours: 11am - 8pm (Mon-Fri), 11am - 6pm (Sat/Sun)

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