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Cable TV in Japan: More Than Just CNN

Recently, after much consideration and research I have decided that Osaka is where I wish to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, I thought it was perhaps high time that my home and in particular my home electronics undergo a few incremental upgrades.

Japanese TV and Radio

The good thing about physically being in Japan is the availability of Japanese media and entertainment. While living in a Japanese environment may help improve your Japanese, watching Japanese television programmes and listening to Japanese radio really aid to your language learning.

"Sapporo TV Tower"

Sapporo television tower was established as radio tower of television broadcasting in1957. Now,the old television tower provide NHK preliminary transmitting station conducting Japanese public broadcasting and transfer facility of FM radio. As construction, silver television tower was so assimilated to snow color that local people can't see. In riding on airplane, We can't see the place where it is in snowstorm day. For these reason, the color changed to red. As nowdays, there was no digital clock in construction time. The digital clock was established from all angle So that citizen in Sapporo city can see time when they want to. As tower is at the center of Sapporo city, […]

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