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Hello! Unluckily, I have to cycle past a lightning high-risk area (fields and fields of something, now flooded and with something else) to get anywhere. I like to eat, as long as it is not too expensive. I like to go to different places too, as long as it is not too expensive. I also like potato chips and chocolate. Have you ever tried Royce’s Chocolate Potato Chips? It’s goooood.. but unfortunately expensive.. I’ve lived as a poor student for too long...

Cheap Accommodation in Japan

Unlike the locals, unless you have friends who have the time (and have the space) to put you up for the night, you probably cannot find accommodation that is as cheap as the local rent… but you can always try. Here is how I tried.

Japanese TV and Radio

The good thing about physically being in Japan is the availability of Japanese media and entertainment. While living in a Japanese environment may help improve your Japanese, watching Japanese television programmes and listening to Japanese radio really aid to your language learning.

Hikawa Shrine in Omiya

As I gloomily walked through the streets of Omiya, I discovered a surprising lane in Omiya. Paved and cobbled, in the middle of busy small roads, the sudden serenity of arcing trees and the mystery of the invisible ends of the street drew me in.

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