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The Conbini: Japan’s Ultimate Life-Saver

These 24/7 stores are the very definition of convenience. Here you can find the solution to any and every problem concentrated under one roof. Need to print a document for an early morning meeting? Conbini. Hungry and want some instant ramen and bento in the middle of the night? Conbini.

Tokyo: With a travellers' eyes

After almost two years of living in Tokyo, I know, for sure, that I am no longer seeing everything with the same sense of surprise because as I usually call it, I am already part of the landscape. The last few months, lucky me, I have been receiving many guests, who enjoyed going around with and showing them all about the local culture and traditions.

Tengachaya-Beyond The Gates

For a long time, like many people the Tengachaya area of Osaka was for me just a transit point between the Nankai Line and downtown Osaka or 'that station at the end of the Sakaisuji Line (or start, depending on which direction I was traveling in)'. That was until one evening, I needed to buy some moisturizer on my way home and opted to take a detour into Tengachaya in search of a drug store. What I saw beyond the ticket gates and the escalators of the station area that night was enough to inspire me to explore the area in more detail.

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