3 Day Itinerary in Osaka and Kyoto – Where To Go and What to Eat

Three days is a short amount of time if you want to check out each and every place in Osaka and Kyoto, but I would like to share the places I have been and will remember fondly.

Day One: Universal Studios

If you are a fan of amusement parks then definitely this is a place for you to visit in Osaka, from my observation it is not as big as Tokyo Disneyland yet according to some sources, Universal Studios in Osaka is one of the most popular theme parks in the world.

Universal Studios, Osaka. Photo by Momopy on Wikimedia Commons
A Unique Ride in USJ. Hollywood Dream: The Ride.

One of the biggest highlights would be riding on their roller coaster, The Hollywood Dream BackDrop. It is different from all roller coasters I have tried! It runs backwards and that gives you the thrill of being unable to see what will come next. And to make you a bit calmer from getting nervous, the cutting-edge technology plays a song for you, its a great ride to try out.

Shows to Try to Watch:

Water World



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WaterWorld™ ウォーターワールド™ #WaterWorld #USJ #universalstudiosjapan

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It's a live show I enjoyed very much. The casts played their roles exactly just like action movie stars. My eyes couldn’t believe what they had seen!

Violin Trio

If you appreciate music or love instruments then you would really enjoy the performance of the  “Violin Trio” it is a group of three men who play violins in perfect harmony.

Day Two: Kyoto

If there is one place I enjoyed the most during my trip, it would be Kyoto. It was really worth the trip and definitely a place I would love to go back. Unlike Osaka, which is mostly comprised of modern architecture, Kyoto, by contrast, has many traces of a more traditional era due to its historically priceless structures that have survived today.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

It is one of the most beautiful and serene places on Earth. In Arashiyama, walking through the bamboo grove makes you feel small because of its towering bamboo stalks.

Arashiyama is a very wide place to stroll around so if you're not a fan of walking, you can rent a bicycle or have a rickshaw tour.

Rickshaw Tour in Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Photo by Ian Jilch Sunico.
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Photo by Ian Jilch Sunico.

Gion Street (Geisha Street)

Gion Street attracts tourists with its high concentration of traditional wooden machiya merchant house and also a famous geisha district, you might be able to spot an actual geisha during early evening. But please be aware, she might be busy so try not to interrupt her.

Gion Street. Photo by John Weiss on Flickr

Starbucks Cafe in a Traditional Japanese House: Ninenzaka 

It is worth your time to visit this Starbucks cafe since it is the world’s first one with tatami mats. You can enjoy your coffee and the traditional Japanese atmosphere at the same time. This is a go-to spot for tourists as well as for the locals.

Starbucks Café Shop

Ninenzaka & Sannenzaka: Souvenir Shopping

There are lots of traditional Japanese things and sweets to explore in this place, you can find many souvenirs.

Crowded time in Ninenzaka, Sannenzaka. Photo by Ian Jilch Sunico.

Day Three: Dotonbori 

Dotonbori is just four stations away from Osaka Station, it is in the downtown area of Osaka and the most well known spot for restaurants and entertainment. With its wide variety of shops, visitors will surely find something they wish to buy in this area.

Dotonbori sign. Photo by Ian Jilch Sunico.

One spot in Dotonbori where mostly everyone else stops to take photos is on the bridge with the Glico signboard, it is a famous Japanese company’s advertisement board and for some people having a photo with it is like a proof of them being in Dotonbori. 

Bridge with Glico’s signboard. Photo by Ian Jilch Sunico.

Dotonbori is also a place where you can enjoy hopping from one shop to another for different kinds of food because Dotonbori stands out as the place for culinarily adventure, so take the chance to try some of it! 

Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade

And for shopping lovers, this place is a perfect spot for window shopping and strolling. Watch out for the traditional stores selling crafts and kimono’s.

Shinsaibashi Street. Photo by Ian Jilch Sunico.

Don Quijote

It's the biggest discount shop in Japan where in you can check house appliances, foods, daily necessities, jewelry, beauty essentials, and even many brands at a lower price. While Don Quijote has shops throughout Japan and abroad, what makes this shop stand out is the ferris wheel which is also known as the landmark of Osaka Minami.

Don Quijote and its yellow ferris wheel (photo credit: Ian Jilch Sunico). Outside the store has a long line for a reason.

Konamon Museum (コナモンミュージアム)

Takoyaki is well known in Japan as their street food and as I hear from my Japanese friends, Osaka has the best takoyaki. This shop is advertised as No.1 as the best takoyaki around the city. I think it is too.

Konamon Museum

Rikuros Cheese Cake





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It's not the typical cheesecake you will ever see or taste. No, this cheesecake is well known and has lots of reviews on the internet, it was really fluffy and jiggly just like how it was described on the reviews. Just like the reviews I read, the taste was soft and fluffy. I have always been a lover of cheesecake and if I be would be asked if what was the best food I enjoyed in Osaka it would be this.

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