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Towada Shrine: A Holy Site Deep in the Forest by the Lake

Situated by Lake Towada ​(十和田湖 Towada­ko) w​hich holds it’s water in the crater of a dormant volcano; hidden in it’s own sanctuary is a Shinto shrine recognized as a holy place in Aomori Prefecture. Once you enter from the village and pass the Tori (gate of entrance) the path to Towada Jinja Shrine is called "Suginami", a shortened version of the word from the Edo period “Suginamiki”, which, when translated means "avenue of Cedars". The trees are tall, sturdy and magnificent!

The Gem of Aomori Prefecture: The Oirase Gorge

As summer officially begins mid-July here in Aomori Prefecture -- located in Tohoku, the most northern region on the mainland of Japan -- it is finally the time to shake off the spring chill as we enter into August’s hot and humid temperatures. Where do the locals recommend you visit? The Oirase Gorge of course!

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