Writer: Pamela Fitzgerald

Pamela Fitzgerald is a writer, reporter and blogger of Japanese music news for the past 12 years. Formerly from Osaka and extended stay in Tokyo, she now lives a quieter life and has put roots down in  Aomori Prefecture. Pamela loves to travel all over Japan learning about the history, traditions, music, art and lifestyles of the people of Japan and sharing her discoveries with the world. As her adventures often lead her off the beaten path, you will find interesting and not so publicized amazing places to travel to in Northern Japan.

Towada Shrine: a Holy Site Deep in the Forest by the Lake

Situated by Lake Towada ​(十和田湖 Towada­ko) w​hich holds it’s water in the crater of a dormant volcano; hidden in it’s own sanctuary is a Shinto shrine recognized as a holy place in Aomori Prefecture. Once you enter from the village and pass the Tori (gate of entrance) the path to Towada Jinja Shrine is called "Suginami", a shortened version of the word from the Edo period “Suginamiki”, which, when translated means "avenue of Cedars". The trees are tall, sturdy and magnificent!

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