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37 Essential Words and Phrases for Visiting the Doctor in Japan

Seeing a doctor in Japan is usually not too much trouble, even if you don’t speak Japanese. Here are some useful phrases and words you may need depending on your problem, some common kanji you’ll see at clinics and hospitals, and how to tell the difference between a hospital and a clinic, as well as some additional information.

How to Treat a Cold in Japan?

I have lived only in Tokyo and hence do not possess information on the matter related to subject for other areas of the country. If you are interested, please stay with me and let’s talk about some ways of addressing cold and flu.

Seeing the Doctor in Japan

Whilst people from the EU may be used to some kind of statutory sick pay provision, Japan has no such obligations to its workers. Here, sick leave is very much a privilege rather than a mandated requirement. So, you may have the choice of either using some of your annual leave entitlement, or losing a day’s pay.

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