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Inexpensive Maiko Encounters and Kimono Cosplay in Kyoto

Those who maintain venerable traditions are highly valued in Kyoto. Even though maiko and the older geiko are part of an exclusive high society, there are not enough new recruits anymore. In the renowned Gion area they dart out of taxis into teahouses at twilight, so there is little chance to stop them for a photo.

A Maiko Makeover

In November 2015, I visited Kyoto to meet up with a friend who was now living in Shiga. She and I decided to try one of the many Maiko Makeover experiences on offer; after all, it's a once in a lifetime thing that you can only do in Japan.

Oiran Procession in Asakusa, When You're in a Hurry

Who are oiran? According to Wikipedia, the word originates from the Japanese phrase "oira no tokoro no nēsan", which translates into "my elder sister." The kanji characters are 花 meaning "flower" and 魁 meaning "leader" or "first". They were high-class courtesans that possessed entertainer’s skills, such as playing musical instruments, arranging ikebana, performing tea ceremonies, etc.

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