"Asahiyama Zoo" Zoo in the northernmost in Japan, there are the wild aspects here you can feel through the senses

"Asahiyama Zoo" Zoo in the northernmost in Japan, there are the wild aspects here you can feel through the senses

It is located in the place approximately 10km away from the center of the city.
In "The Asahiyama Zoo" which is located in the suburbs of Asahikawa-city, Hokkaido,

penguins swim overhead as if flying in the sky,


orangutans move around as if walking in the air,


and lesser pandas cross the suspension bridge…


The zoo attracts attention by introducing "the action display" that reproduced natural behavior and life of animals and it has been a sightseeing spot with a national high-profile and popularity now.

In 2013, "a giraffe building and a hippopotamus building" were newly completed.

At the giraffe building, you can watch closely giraffes from the unprecedented height of their eyes and feet.


On the other hand, a farm is built each indoors and outdoors in the hippopotamus building.  In the pool of the indoor farm, you can watch behavior in water that you haven’t got a chance to watch.  You will smile smugly to watch hippopotamuses walking the bottom of the pool with a light step and sleeping comfortably with a winsome figure.

Attempts of Asahiyama Zoo always giving us new discoveries and fun of animals don't stay with only the action display.

In "the mixed display” where capybara and spider monkeys live under the same roof, the environment closer to the wild is reproduced by breeding different types of animals at the same place.

In addition, in the event called “the mogumogu time”, you can get a close look at “eating scenes” that show the most characteristic and individual action of animals.

The place which is full of various ideas with wisdom and ingenuity and the palace where you want to visit many times - it is the Asahikawa Zoo.

The Asahiyama Zoo
Address: Higashi Asahikawacho Kuranuma, Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Tel: 0166-36-1104 Fax: 0166-36-1406
Business hours:
2014 Summer season
9:30~17:15(April 26th~October 15th)
9:30~16:30(October 16th~November 3rd)
Entrance fee:
Adult 820JPY
Child 720JPY
Web: http://www5.city.asahikawa.hokkaido.jp/asahiyamazoo/