Stunning view selected as one of one hundred best sunset scenery in Japan - "Rumoi city, Golden Cape"


The West coast of Hokkaido enjoyed its herring fishing heyday from the Meiji to Taisho period.
A legend says that there is a site where a school of herring rushed to the shore shining in gold reflecting the color of the sunset. That is "Golden Cape" of Rumoi city in Hokkaido.
The cape was once a herring lookout post, but unfortunately, we can not see in our time a school of golden herring from which the name of Golden Cape originates. Even so, the contrast between the sun going down into the ocean putting a one-day duty away and wilderness of sea is undoubtedly suitable for calling it as the golden brilliance.
The scenic beauty of overwhelming scale is also referred to as "the number one sunset in Japan" and it penetrates to the inner heart of many visitors forever. Closing our eyes, vivid image of the scenery, the sound of waves that remain lodged in our brain and voice of the wind come back to our mind. To give evidence of that, the scenery was recognized as one of "one hundred best sunset scenery in Japan".
Visitors can see the beautiful scenery of Golden Cape from the adjacent "Umi no Furusato Kan"( Town museum).
The entrance is free of charge. The ground floor features the city folk museum where visitors can learn about the history of Rumoi city. The second floor features an observatory lounge. From the roof-top open-air observation deck on the third floor, visitors can enjoy the ocean view. The restaurant in the lounge on the second floor is open in season. So please feel free to use the facility to have memorable travel experiences.

Golden Cape
Address: 2-chome Omachi, Rumoi, Hokkaido

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