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The Best Wi-Fi Connection Points in Sapporo

Getting online while traveling is crucial, and even if it has become very easy to do so in Japan with the apps Travel Japan WiFi and Japan Connected WiFi, lets take a look at some of the places in central Sapporo that offer reliable free WiFi spots.

SAPPORO CITY WIFI: Subway stations/Odori Park/Ekimae dori

“Sapporo City WiFi” is the free Wi-Fi service provided by the city to its tourists and locals. Initially this Wi-Fi spot was only available in very few places in central Sapporo, but the city has now also started to expand its service, offering it inside several subway stations and popular tourist spots. Tourist spots with Sapporo City Wi-Fi connection points are not necessarily in the city center, places like Sapporo Convention Center and Jozankei Onsen are also included in addition to the subway stations, the popular Odori Park in the city center, and the underground walking path Ekimae dori - that connects Odori Park and Sapporo stations.

Sapporo City Wi-Fi is not a participant in the Travel Japan Wi-Fi and Japan Connected Wi-Fi applications, so these free apps won’t be able to connect you to the service. But connecting is still a fairly easy process to do. When connecting your phone to the Wi-Fi signal, a new window will open in your browser and ask you if you want to register for the service. First time registration with an email is necessary, but after that, connecting to this Wi-Fi service is easy and convenient.

Sapporo Underground Pedestrian Space Station. Photo by 663highland on Wikimedia Commons.

Subway stations that offer this connecting service include Sapporo Station, Odori Park Station, Susukino Station and Bus Center Mae station in the city center. In addition, other subway stations outside the city center have started to offer the service. A list of who’s included can be viewed here.

JR FREE WIFI/Sapporo Station

All over Sapporo Station, its department stores and malls, the free Wi-Fi service JR Free Wi-fi is available for everyone with a smart phone, computer or tablet. Excluding Sapporo subway station, the JR Free Wi-fi service covers naturally JR Sapporo Station and all its surroundings.

This service is fairly easy to sign up for, the first time registration asks for your email, but after that connecting becomes convenient.

Note that you can only connect to this service for limited times a day, each session for 30 minutes. But since the service is a participant in the Japan Connected Wi-fi application, we recommend connecting to this spot using the app. This enables you unlimited connections.

Sapporo JR STATION. Photo by Thomas Au on Flickr

Sapporo Chikagai

The underground shopping streets that connect Odori and Susukino subway stations, is also another option for connecting easily and quick to the internet. The Chikagai includes two popular underground shopping streets: Pole Town and Aurora Town. Both have the Chikagai free wifi service that works on the streets (signal might be a bit weakened when entering some of the shops).

The Chikagai Wi-Fi service needs you to sign up with an email address, but also as a participant in the Japan Connected Wi-Fi application, you can skip this process altogether when connecting with the app. The connection is not limited to any amount of times, making this access point very convenient.

Pole Town. Photo by Ninosan on GoodFreePhotos

Other Connection Points

Starbucks and Tully’s: These coffee chains are reliable places for free Wi-Fi all over Japan. Although you have to be a customer to sit and enjoy the free Wi-Fi, the internet connection is very fast and reliable. In both chains you connect hassle free through their websites.

Convenience stores: Lawson, Family Mart and 7-Eleven all over Japan have reliable and fast Wi-fi connection spots. We recommend using the app Japan Connected Wi-Fi, that enables you to connect directly to these convenience stores points, skipping the registration process.

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