Nowadays, we are living in a more and more information-intensive society, and the need of an internet access while traveling abroad is increasing. While free WiFi hotspots use raises hacking risk, the international roaming will also be expensive if the roaming settings are not properly configured. Besides, the installation of SIM Card is troublesome and the frequency compatibility is what worrying. To solve these problems, a portable WiFi is the best answer.

Comparing SIM Cards, Roaming, Free WiFi & NINJA WiFi

There are several ways to establish a connection to the internet.


With a pocket-size NINJA WiFi router, you can stay connected to the Internet anytime and anywhere. Once you set up the WiFi connection, you can enjoy the Internet throughout your trip. Each WiFi router has its own set of ID and password so as to minimize the hacking risk. The rental fee is charged by daily flat rate, so you need not to worry about any uncertainties of roaming charges. All WiFi compatible devices can stay connected through one NINJA WiFi router!

NINJA WiFi Service Description

●Model Specifications:SoftBank


For Softbank’s network coverage, please check here.

No data usage limit, even data hoggers can enjoy without worrying!

Pick-up & Return:


There are Pick-up and Return counters at the main international airports of Japan. Return Box is available at some airports for non-business hours drop-off. You may also pick up or return by the pay delivery service. Of course, it is better to pick up and return at the airport counter because each way of the pick up and return costs 500 yen plus tax.

Taiken Japan is working with NINJA WiFi to offer 10% OFF discount to our readers. The original daily rental fee is 900 yen + Tax and with the discount it will be 810 yen + tax. If you are planning your trip to Japan, click here to reserve the NINJA WiFi with Taiken Japan special discount.

To have more fun during your trip to Japan, and share your joyful moments on the spot through the Internet with family and friends, the best choice is NINJA WiFi!

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