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Splash into Summer – The 5 Best Water Parks around Tokyo

The summer months in Tokyo can be very uncomfortable with the high temperatures, humidity and sweltering heat. You could escape the heat by heading to a green oasis such as Yoyogi Park in Shibuya, or Shinjuku Gyoen in Shinjuku, but why not visit a cool water park to beat the summer heat in style.

Grab your swimsuit and towel and follow us as we check out some of the best water parks to be found in the Greater Tokyo Area.

1. Tokyo Summerland

Adventure Dome Indoor Pool. Photo by TaxTest on Wikimedia Commons

Tokyo Summerland is a sprawling aquatic amusement park featuring swimming pools, water slides, fountains, manmade waterfalls and pretty much everything else you need to enjoy summer in Tokyo. Located in the Tama area near Hachioji in western Tokyo, the highlight is the Adventure Lagoon area which features an outdoor pool zone. Tokyo Summerland has both outdoor and indoor pools, so you can enjoy the fun even on rainy days.

Open every month except December to February. Official Website

2. Toshimaen

Hydropolis Water Slides. Photo by Rsa on Wikimedia Commons

Toshimaen is a fun amusement park located in Nerima, Tokyo. The water park attached to the main amusement park features six pools, 25 water slides and the world’s first river pool which was created way back in 1965. The highlights include a wave pool and the Hydropolis water slides. You can even swim with a robotic dolphin for that “Only in Japan” experience. This place is a great choice for families with young children with a small pool and small water slides made just for the little ones.

Adults can enjoy the water park into the evening after the sun goes down on weekends in summer with Toshimaen staying open until 9pm for its Night Pool events with plenty of cold beer and cocktails to keep you cool.

Open from July to September. Official Website

3. Yomiuri Land – Water Amusement Island (WAI)

Yomiuri Land – Water Amusement Island. Photo by くろふね on Wikimedia Commons

Yomiuri Land is Tokyo’s largest amusement park and features 43 different attractions from thrilling rollercoasters to family-friendly rides. It first opened in 1964 and is home to Yomiuri Giants Stadium, one of the training grounds for Japan’s most loved or hated depending on which side of the fence you sit, baseball teams, the Yomiuri Giants. In summer, Yomiuri Land opens Water Amusement Island (WAI), a resort pool attached to Yomiuri Land that can boast five swimming pools and three huge water slides for some wet and wild fun. The highlights include a giant wave pool with sandy beach and a 25 meter high, 386 meter long mega-slide that is not for the faint hearted.

Open from July to September. Official Website.

4. Tobu Super Pool

Tobu Zoo Park. Photo by Jeremy Thompson on Flickr

Tobu Zoo in Saitama next to Tokyo is only 90 minutes from Shibuya by train and is home to 1,200 animals as well as scary rides and family attractions. During the warmer months, many people head to the Tobu Super Pool located in the zoo complex to enjoy the unique water park which features a wave pool and water slides. The highlights include a rapid river-style waterslide that is navigated by riding a ring-float.

Open from July to September. Official Website

5. Kawagoe Aquatic Park

Large Ship at Kawagoe Aquatic Park. Photo by M-shimazaki on Wikimedia Commons

Kawagoe Aquatic Park is one of the biggest swimming pools in Saitama and features a variety of pools, water slides and fountains. The highlight is the wave pool with a shallow end at 0 meters and the deep end at 1.6 meters and massive waves of up to two meters. They even have a large ship in the middle of the park for extra aquatic atmosphere. The ship is not just there for looks, you can actually dive from the platform into the middle of the pool for a totally unique experience.

Open from July to September. Official Website

Most of the water parks in Japan open in late June and close in early September, so don’t hang about and head outdoors for some wet and wild fun before it is too late.

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