The 8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama

Looking for a touch of greenery on your desk? Perhaps something a little unique? Let the Bonsai Convention inspire you!

Bonsai literally means "tree in a pot". It is, however, not just a miniature tree. It comes with creativity and a feel of "zen", as it is in fact a form influenced by Zen Buddhism. Originally from China, Japanese have made the practice of creating a universe in a pot into a more simplistic form of art by limiting the expression with a single tree. The variety of styles does not mean that they come with rules and regulations. They are free for interpretation and most importantly, for you to enjoy!

More than 300 bonsai and suiseki (stones for appreciation) will be exhibited in Saitama, in April 2017:

Title: The 8th World Bonsai Convention, Saitama City

Dates: April 28 (Fri.) – 30 (Sun.)


(Main Venue)

Photo by PRiMENON on Wikimedia Commons

Saitama Super Arena

Photo by PRiMENON on Wikimedia Commons

Omiya Sonic City and Palace Hotel Omiya



Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine

Photo by Chiether on Wikimedia Commons


Omiya Bonsai Museum and Omiya Bonsai Village

Photo by Masaki Tokutomi on Flickr

Advance Tickets Available Now:

  • Ticket Pia (P code: 990592)
  • LAWSON Ticket
  • CN Play Guide (CN search code: CNI-17322)
  • e+ (no code)
  • Seven Ticket (no code)

*¥800 (advance tickets) /¥1,000 (at the door)



Nippon Bonsai Association
World Bonsai Convention Official Site

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