The 5 most recommended viewing sites for autumn leaves in Hakone you definitely want to visit this fall!


Hakone, one of the most renowned onsen resorts in Kanto area, is also famous for its viewing sites for autumn leaves. Let us introduce you the viewing sites for autumn leaves in Hakone area where you can capture the breathtakingly beautiful autumn out of the four seasons in Japan.

Hakone Garasunomori Museum



This is the only place where you can view the autumn leaves in the midst of exotic atmosphere where the combination of Venetian glass wares and autumn leaves create the unique beauty.

Hakone Ropeway

Ropeway offers you a different perspective in viewing autumn leaves. You can enjoy the splendid view of the mountains in red and yellow on the ground from the ropeway.

Hakone Museum of Art


You can enjoy the maccha tea while enjoying the autumn leaves at a tea house located inside the art museum, Shinwa-tei.

Ashinoko Lake


Ashinoko Lake is another site to enjoy the picturesque view of the Mt. Fuji over the autumn leaves. Here, you can also enjoy the sakasa-Fuji, the inverted image of the Mt. Fuji reflected on the surface of Ashinoko Lake.



You can enjoy the well-contrasted view of the beautiful stream and the maple leaves in vivid red along the shores of Hayakawa River where you can also enjoy the view of silver grass.

Hakone offers great viewing sites for autumn leaves and can be accessed by trains, busses and cars. It only takes about 90 minutes from the city center of Tokyo, so why don’t you leave for a short trip to Hakone to experience the autumn in Japan?

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