Charming Autumn: Best Spots in Tokyo

Summer is ending, leaves are taking vibrant colors, cool weather is hunting us but it is still fun to play outdoors under a blue sky again.

I feel blessed for living in a place that has Octobers and Novembers. And by that, I mean how lucky I am for the opportunity to enjoy the joy of the four seasons. And let´s be honest, not every city or country has that gift.

If we really pay attention to the simplicity of every day details, we will be able to discover how wise and magic nature is. Every season will bring new colors, new aromas, new sceneries and even new flavors to our food and new trends to our style.


Every season has its own particularities and its own festivities. And while a lot of people choose warm weather over the cold ones, I love the chilly and refreshing days. There is something beautiful and inspirational in those windy days where leaves fall and dance following the moves of the nature.


The multiple colors all over are a perfect picture itself. I remember that since I was a very young girl I've played with the idea of having a camera in my eyes. So while waking or cycling or even running, I usually take imaginary pictures. But the special thing about it is that I am allowed to take pictures with its smell and its noise or even its silence.


If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time, and if you are wondering what to do or where to go during these days, I would recommend you to explore the outside areas as much as possible. My favorite 5 spots to experience the autumn leaves are:

Shinjuku Gyoen


It is one of the largest and most popular parks in Tokyo. Located only 10 minutes walking from New South Exit of Shinjuku Station, it is the ideal place for a relaxing escape from the busy urban center around it. The best about this park is that has a lot of different types of trees that change colors in different moments. From mid November to mid December is the perfect period to enjoy the unique colorful leaves. Please note that Mondays the park is closed.

Yoyogi Park


It is probably more famous for its cherry blossom viewing events and picnics than for its autumn colors. However, the park offers a great variety of tree species, and among them: cherry, maple and gingko trees. The contrasts are amazing, specially from late November to mid December. The main entrance is located only 5 minutes walk from JR Harajuku Station.

Imperial Garden

The Imperial Palace East Gardens are a part of the inner palace area and are open to the public. This beautiful and large park features a Japanese style garden. Personally, I think is one of the “Must see” places to enjoy autumn in Japan. The Otemon entrance to the East Gardens is a short walk from Otemachi Station or can be reached in a 10 or 15 minutes walk from Tokyo Station. Mondays and Fridays it is closed.


Ueno Park

This is a nice peaceful place for a morning or afternoon stroll at any time of the year, but mainly during autumn. Throughout the park and zoo you will be able to enjoy the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows all over. Even it is always quite busy, the park is big enough to lose the crowds and find a quiet spot to admire the beauty of leaves and trees. This park is also famous for the many Museums found on its ground. It is located just next to the JR Ueno Station.


Chuo Park


Also called Shinjuku Central Park. This tiny park (in comparison with the previous ones) is surrounded by tall buildings. This means that you can get advantage of that and appreciate the many colors from any of the skyscrapers around. I would recommend you to get pampered while watching the trees from the New York Grill at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. A good view and a good meal and drink, is sometimes, all you need. Or go up to the Metropolitan Government and admire the view while buying Japanese souvenirs for your family and friends.

And once again, like every year, I feel glad and blessed for living in a world where there are Octobers and Novembers!!!

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