Rural Train Journeys with Fun Stopovers in Northern Kanto Region

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Local cities and towns have a lot more to offer in Japan than you could ever imagine. Discover unique places, from beautiful natural spots and relaxing hot springs to famous tourist destinations. Think again! Break your train journey, add more stopovers and have a lot more fun; would you?

Going Hiking in Ogose [JR Hachiko Line]

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Getting off at Ogose staion and take a stroll through Ogose Bairin (Japanese plume tree forest) winding your way to the Kuroyama Santaki waterfalls and different temples. Find your way to the top to witness an outstanding panoramic view from atop the mountain top. Ogose town is also famous for an annual hiking rally participated by many.

Nagatoro Keikoku (Nagatoro Valley) [Chichibu Railway]


Nagatoro-keikoku (Nagatoro Valley), source to the headwater streams of the Arakawa River; is a 5 minute walk from Nagatoro station. You can explore incredible rock-formations, such as the Iwadatami (rock terraces), Kikusuiiwa (the pattern of a Japanese chrysanthemum emblem can be seen on the surface) and Toraiwa (tiger-skin rock). A boat cruise along the river is also exciting and if you are in for more you can enjoy canoeing too!

Tomioka Silk Mill, a World Heritage Site [Joshin Dentetsu Line]

The closest station to the main buildings of the Tomioka Silk Mill Heritage Site is the Joshu-Tomioka station. The buildings located in Tomioka at Gunma prefecture have gained international attention over time and are definitely worth visiting.

Mizunuma Station Hot Spring Center [Watarase Keikoku Railway]

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Surprisingly, Mizunuma station operates a hot spring/onsen facility INSIDE the station. Visitors can enjoy a hot onsen bath to relax and rejuvenate themselves by lunching at the restaurant there. Refresh yourself after exploring the area around the station and nearby tourist spots, right here, in the station!

Kinugawa Hot Spring [Tobu Kinugawa Line]


Kinugawa Hot-spring attracts several million tourists a year. Starting from the south of the Kinugawa-onsen station continuing until the Kinugawa-koen station, innumerable ryokans, restaurants and souvenir shops are lined along Kinugawa river. Planning a day trip for an 'Onsen Experience' is not a bad idea!

Why don’t you plan a relaxing 2 to 3 hour 'Stopover Trip' from Tokyo?

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