JR East Ultraman Stamp Rally

JR EAST presents “Here He Comes! Our Hero Ultraman” Stamp Rally !


Stamp rallies are events where people can collect series of stamps at railway stations or tourist spots. These events often include prizes to win and are very popular.

In this stamp rally, two pairs of original menko (collectible card) will be given to those who made it to the goal. Only characters of the first four series of early Ultraman are used for this rally. Heroes and monsters that appear on stamps should make early Ultraman fans feel nostalgic, but fans of the more recent series will also enjoy the event. Anyone can participate in after getting the leaflet at one of the main JR East stations in Tokyo Metropolitan area.

When ?

Everyday from January 13th to February 27th, 2015
*prizes can be redeemed from 10am to 8pm everyday, until February 28th

Stamps are available from the time of the first train until the last train. If the stamps are set in a ticket office, they are available within the office's business hours.

How to participate

⑴ Obtain the leaflet at one of the main stations in Tokyo Metropolitan area.
⑵ Collect 10 stamps from 64 stations where stamps are available
⑶ If you collect 10 stamps, go to one of the goal store. Two pairs of menko will be given to you. If you spend more than 300 yens at the store using Suica (electronic money), you can a 2D standing character figure.
⑷ If you collect stamps at all the stations, a special certificate will be given to you at Tokyo Station.

Participating stations and goal stores

(1) Stations where stamps are available

64 stations around Yamanote line


⑵ Goal stores

NEWDAYS at Maruno Uchi South Exit (Tokyo Station)、NEWDAYS at Shinagawa Central ticket gate(Shinagawa station)、NEWDAYS at Shinjuku(Shinjuku station)、
NEWDAYS at Shibuya Central ticket gate(Shibuya station)、NEWDAYS at Takadanobaba(Takadanobaba station)、NEWDAYS at Ikebukuro West gate(Ikebukuro station)、NEWDAYS at Ueno Shinobazu Exit(Ueno station), Becker’s Iidabashi East Exit(Iidabashi station)、Becker’s Kashiwa(Kashiwa station), Kusuri STATION Akabane (Akabane station)

Website (in Japanese)http://www.jreast.co.jp/ultraman-rally/

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