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Cute Elegance - Hello Kitty Café Restaurant


For the Hello Kitty fanatics, a suffusion of pink and red with any Hello Kitty-related item is already a given. But to those who love the feline but would like to dine in elegance as well, there’s the perfect café for you. Located on the 2nd Floor of Paseo Building in Motomachi, Yokohama, the renewed HKCR (renewal open was last June 25, 2014) stroked a good balance between elegance and cuteness. The façade alone gives the hint on this balance.


They have an alfresco for those with their pets whilst on the inside, you can choose if you want to be seated in the living room, dining room or the library. Even when everyone entering can see us, we still chose to be seated in the living room because the couch is just so inviting. The living room has two tables, each with a two-seater sofa and two plush seats fronting the sofa. See the detail on the plush seat’s cloth?


Part of dining room and library tables. If you are with a large group, the dining room area has bigger tables (not in photo) that can sit 10 people on one table.


There’s a thing with theme park/themed restaurants – with all the detail given on the location and design, the food suffers. And so we weren’t expecting much on the food. We had no idea we were in for a (delightful) surprise. We had choices on the pasta (tomato based or cream based) but we chose the Japanese sauce pasta with bacon and mushroom and chose the set plate (cost: 1780 yen). The. Food. Was. Really. Good. Surprisingly so.


Even the bacon is Hello Kitty-shaped. See the ribbon?


We went to HKCR intending to taste their rare cheesecake. The caramel crisps topping was a delight on the taste buds whilst the pearly crystal-like topping was a delight to the eyes.


We loved their Gateau Chocolat more though.


Cute and luscious-tasting Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Cappuccinos. We were sipping our cappuccinos in small sips as we don’t want it to finish so soon, this coming from a cappuccino addict.


The place was so comfy that the baby with us slept right after lunch whilst the adults were enjoying their dessert. The living room sofa was a great choice. As usual in Japan, we had excellent customer service from their attentive staff who are dressed cutely. The baby with us wanted their ribbon headpiece.


Everything in the resto is suffused with Hello Kitty details. Even the waiting room to the restrooms. Sofas and chair with hello kitty prints (same material, albeit different colors and design, with the upholstery in the rest of the restaurant), hello kitty ribbon-filled mirror.


Of course the rest rooms also have Hello Kitty details. Elegant wallpaper. If only our interior decorator had this option in their numerous catalogues, we’d definitely have this for our baby’s bedroom/playroom.


Of course, the toilet paper wouldn’t be left behind.


If you’re visiting the restaurant with a baby, don’t fret; they have diaper-changing area in their spacious women’s restroom. Wasn’t able to check though if the men’s room have the same amenity.


It was my friend who searched for HKCR on the internet, looking for rare cheesecake and invited us to join her after Church. We joined along, expecting to be overwhelmed with pink. But I met with elegance. It was indeed a delightful impromptu special lunch. Kudos Hello Kitty Café Restaurant Motomachi Yokohama for striking a great balance between, style, elegance, Hello Kitty-cuteness and good food.

Address : Motomachi Paseo 2F, Motomachi 1-50, Naka-ku, Yokohama
Open everyday from 10AM to 9PM

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