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"Only in Japan" Fast Food Choices

Japan is known for its unique culture, including its very interesting cuisine. These American fast food restaurants below are probably everyone's favorites around the world. But when we talk about Japan, throw your expectations out the drive-thru window and don't ever imagine you will find something familiar. Here are the reasons for that.

Stuffed Pizza Crust Rolls from Pizza Hut


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Japan may not have been the birthplace of the tasty pie, but as tradition follows, they have taken another country's creation and made it their own. So when it comes to pizza, you're not going to find regular toppings you see in some America or Italian pizza advertisements. You can order a pizza with the crust stuffed with sausage or cheese, then wrapped into individual rolls which can be shared with family and friends. This dish is also popular in South Korea.

Shrimp and Avocado from Subway


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I hope you are in a shrimp-y mood, this decapod crustacean is possibly everyone's favorite in their fast food menu. Along with avocado, Subway is trying to please everyone using this combination on their sandwiches. I have tried this before, and it tasted so yummy. So if you are a fan of shrimp and can eat a sandwich anytime anywhere, you, of course, should give it a try.

Black Cheeseburgers from Burger King


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Looks appetizing enough? Called the Kuro (black) Burger, this all dark sandwich may be proof that one should not judge a book by it's cover. Not only is the hamburger delicious, it includes a wonderful blend of Japanese flavors which include (be prepared) squid ink in the ketchup and onions and buns made of bamboo charcoal.

Wasabi McNugget Sauce from McDonalds


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If wasabi is your favorite side dish, this is probably the best option you should choose. This greenish yet spicy sauce can be bought along with everyone's favorite deep-fried chicken bits. Dip them in wasabi sauce and you will taste a pleasure you can't find anywhere but in Japan.

KFS-Kentucky Fried Salmon


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If you are salmon lover, you will definitely love the salmon dishes Japan has to offer. Besides, you can eat fresh yummy raw salmon or salmon sushi there, you will be able to enjoy the first Kentucky Fried Salmon in the world. Feeling similar? Yes, it is made by KFC Japan. They served a fillet of fried salmon in breadcrumb batter, which will set you back ¥230 (around US$2) a pop. I have tried this before, and it tasted so delicious.

McChoco Potatoes from McDonalds


This is the newest interesting dish that McDonalds serves only in Japan. The dish consists of fried potatoes decorated beautifully with chocolate sauces. McDonalds says that the dish will give every customer a sweet and salty taste combination. Even better, the chocolate sauce comes in two flavors, cocoa and white chocolate. Seems like it’s a good snack for everyone. Or maybe a good dessert. Or maybe both. And I have tried this before too, and yeah it was surprisingly delicious. The chocolate flavor fits perfectly with the french fries.

Craving for them?

There is still a lot more “only-served-in-Japan” fast food menu you can find there. Some might consider it as delicious, and some might not enjoy it very much. But one thing for sure: If you get bored with the fast food menu in your country, seems likely you are in need to travel to Japan. What are you waiting for? Try all of them if you have a chance to visit Japan.

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