Ojamakan – For All of Your Retro Gaming Needs!

Since living in Gifu, I’ve discovered quite a few hidden treasures. There is one hidden treasure that fulfills my nerdy, video gaming desires- Ojamakan. Ojamakan is not only a retro gaming shop, but one of the most reasonably priced and well stocked retro-gaming shops I’ve ever come across! They sell games for every system from the original Nintendo to the PS4 and everything in between.



The best thing about Ojamakan is that the games are constantly filtering in and out, so the stock is always fresh. As mentioned above, their prices are very reasonable. Actually, they have some of the best prices I’ve seen, even when compared to online sites like Ebay or Yahoo Auctions Japan. Games that are found cheaper on these sites usually end up being the same price when shipping is added.


Ojamakan also has special deals if more than one game is bought. If four games at 380YEN are bought, then the total would only be 1,000YEN. If two games at 750YEN are bought, then the total is 1,000YEN. The rest of the deals can be seen in the picture provided. These deals save quite a bit of money and when 3,000YEN is spent, a 100YEN coupon is given. It’s not an amazing coupon but every bit helps.


I think Ojamakan holds its own when compared to other retro gaming stores like Super Potato, a well-known retro-gaming store that is known to be a bit overpriced. Ojamakan also has game consoles (of course), console accessories and strategy guides. The store tests all the games and equipment that is brought into the store, so buying an item that doesn’t work is rare. If there is a problem, they are happy to exchange or refund the item. Additionally, when systems are purchased, it comes with a three month warranty. Ojamakan also has a wide collection of manga.


Ojamakan is located about ten minutes by bike from Gifu University or thirty minutes by bus from Gifu Station. There are also Ojamakan stores located in Osaka, Nishinomiya, Kobe and Kyoto! Check out their official website for more information! Happy game hunting!


Website (in Japanese) : http://www.ojamakan.com/ojk.htm

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