The Ceramics Culture of Gifu Prefecture

Gifu prefecture situated in the Chubu region of Japan is famous for its ceramics. Most of the renowned ceramic industries and makers are from this region. Around half of the total ceramic and tile production of the entire country is from this place. The Toki, Tajimi regions of the Gifu prefecture has a lot of small and large scale industries producing tiles and ceramic wares including household items, crockery, sculptures etc. as well as huge furnaces and other equipments for industrial purposes. We could see small industries in all parts of these cities. The old houses of Tajimi city have small production of ceramic wares even now which is done by the old generation residing there. In the modern world where everything is controlled and physical works are almost done by machineries and robots, we could see hardworking people doing everything manually in these places.

Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu


The ceramic art museum of Gifu located in the Tajimi city holds a lot of works from inside Japan as well as from abroad. The big museum halls holding perfectly arranged pieces done by famous ceramic manufacturers is really an interesting sight. The ceramic square section of the museum holds many award winning ceramic pieces which are really unique. Many famous producers like Yai Kazuo, Harada Shuroku, Takiguchi Kazuo etc. are displayed in the Oribe square and other parts of this museum building. Unique works like ceramic heads, room scenes, huge vases, sculptures etc. could also be seen here. Special lightings and the arrangements of the various items give perfection and increases the attractiveness of each pieces.

Honmachi Oribe Street of Tajimi


Tajimi city and its surroundings are especially famous for the Mino pottery which is used in early days by the famous tea masters of ancient Japan. Even The manholes of the Tajimi city also depict the ceramic history and pride in it. The Oribe street of Tajimi named after the famous ancient tea master of Japan, Furuta Oribe has a lot of big and small stalls on its both sides. A variety of ceramic wares including the Oribe , Shino, Setouro, kisseto etc. are sold here. The Oribe and Shino varieties are the most famous among these types available here. The greenish coloured Oribe ceramics and the pure white Shino ceramic wares could be seen in large numbers from famous makers in the shops of the Oribe street all over the time.

Manholes of Tajimi


Ceramic Festival of Tajimi

Ceramic festival1

The ceramic festival conducted during the second weekend days of April attracts thousands of visitors to this area. During this early Spring festival where the Honmachi Oribe street of Tajimi will be filled with small and big stalls of local ceramic producers. The streets crowded with people will be displaying various ceramic products like kitchen wares, sculptures, flower vases, pots etc. at a very reasonable price. More than 50 ceramic manufacturers of this region open their stalls during this festive season.

ceramc festival2

Toki Oribe hills

Oribe hills

‘Oribe hills’ of Toki is one of the big display and selling center for the ceramics of the Toki region. This area has a lot of manufacturers of ceramic items and shops with various varieties of ceramic wares. ‘Oribe hills’ of Toki is a vast region with extended pathways with some of the big manufacturers and sellers of these items residing on both sides of the streets inside this region. There are large scale manufacturers who display their items and the customers could order in large amounts also. We could see too many gorgeous varieties o all items in this ceramic hills ranging from 100yen to lacks of yens.

Oribe hills3

Gifu prefecture and its cities have a lot of small museums and shops selling ceramic items manufactured in this area. The Mino potteries of Gifu are very famous and are regarded as the topmost ceramic item of the country. For the ceramic lovers and those who love history these places will be really an interesting place to visit and buy your ceramic items directly from the home of the items.

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