Tokyo Disneyland Natsu Matsuri

Tokyo Disney is known for their seasonal celebrations. Easter, Halloween and Christmas are the most well known. However, those aren’t the only ones Tokyo Disney offers. Tokyo Disneyland’s yearly Natsu Matsuri (summer festival) starts in July and doesn’t end until August 31st! The Natsu Matsuri offers a variety of special shows to help keep one cool. Special menus offer a fresh, summer taste. There are beautiful summer-themed decorations and unique goods to help beat the heat! Also, Disneyland’s Natsu Matsuri is Japanese festival themed!

For Natsu Matsuri, a special water parade is performed to help keep guests cool! In this show, everyone’s favorite characters split into two teams and “battle” it out on floats with drums, water and dance! On Mickey’s team “Soar” consists of Minnie, Goofy, Max and Pluto all dressed in blue. Then there is Donald’s team “Brilliance” dressed in red with Daisy, Chip, Dale and Clarice! The teams stay on their colored floats dancing and spraying guests with water from hoses. Some viewing areas get more water than others, so make sure to check the map for the wet zones! Around the floats are dancers with more hoses and traditional Japanese inspired drums! Even if it is a beautiful day, the parade might be cancelled due to high winds, so keep an eye on the weather and avoid windy days.




A wide variety of new food is offered during Natsu Matsuri, mostly to help guests stay hydrated and cool. For summer only, new drinks, parfaits and more than 7 flavors of shaved ice are added to the menu! Drinks include a Ramune Jelly Drink (a drink consisting of a Ramune drink poured into a cup filled with jelly and tapioca balls) for 410YEN, and non-alcoholic cocktails for 1,100YEN.


Parfaits include delicious flavors like mixed berry and mango for 750YEN! My favorite, however, are the wide varieties of shaved ice. Flavors include mikan, melon, green tea adzuki, chocolate banana and strawberry milk and cost only 360YEN. For an extra 100YEN, one can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! There is also a collector’s cup available for purchase for an extra 200YEN! The collector’s cup features Stitch in celebration of the new Stitch ride that opened July 17th!


DSC00651 (1)




Other than cold treats, the menu includes some new lunch and dinner items such as Donald’s Cha Shu wrap (lean pork with veggies wrapped in a soft tortilla) for 520YEN and Mickey’s Pork Tomato Jelly Ramen for 750YEN. There is also a special menu available at the Sweet Heart Café which includes a special Natsu Matsuri bag with a purchase of the Chicken Avocado Wasabi Sandwich menu for 1820YEN. For dessert, there is a Raspberry Chocolate Mouse for 380YEN (580YEN with the collector’s cup).


Regular decorations are taken down and replaced with summer-themed ones. Everyone’s favorite characters are displayed in traditional Japanese inspired clothing posing as if they were dancing around the Japanese lanterns and banners. Many beautiful Japanese lanterns line the paths in front of Cinderella’s Castle and light up with a subtle glow at night. Banners hang from the poles and stores representing each team’s colors and symbols. Store windows also display the theme with the new summer specific goods.



DSC00645 (2)

DSC00652 (1)

During summer, special goods are offered in the theme of the Natsu Matsuri and like the menu items, many of these are to help guests fight the heat and sun. For example, long towels help dry off after the water show and soak up sweat, adorable lantern shaped sunglasses to protect the eyes, capes with hoods made from towel material help block the sun and dry off, and a variety of folding and non folding hand fans! Of course there are also special summer-themed goods like stuffed animals, cookie tins, shirts, hats, etc.

If planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland for the Natsu Matsuri, I recommend going on a weekday. Even though August is the busiest month for Tokyo Disneyland, going on a weekday will help reduce the crowds a bit. For more information about Tokyo Disneyland’s Natsu Matsuri, click here:

Also, make sure to check out my video on the event! Keep a look out for my next article about Tokyo Disneysea’s Summer Festival!

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