Fantastic Flashbacks to February

From Fabulous Five in January to Flashy #5 of February, the spell is cast so let the magic continue.........
February, the month when cupid is ready to strike its arrows into the hearts of wannabe lovers. And so did Taiken Japan. From Nature Lovers, Café Lovers, Travel Lovers  to Comfort Lovers we did reach many a lover this month!

#5 Travel Back in Time in the Kiso Valley

A couple of days back I received an email from our Writer who sent us a beautiful article thinking that her previous articles were not being published because we didn't like it. There you go, your article is not only liked by us but also our viewers, readers, et al. It made it to the 5th slot this February. Congratulations!

Photo: Celia Knox

Travel Back in Time in the Kiso Valley

Between bustling villages, misty woodlands, farmlands and valleys full of mossy rocks and waterfalls Celia Knox takes us to the less travelled Nakasendo Highway connecting Tsumago in Nagano and Magome in Gifu prefectures. The quiet towns nestled in the Kiso Valley will bring you up, close and personal with nature.

#4 Cute Elegance - Hello Kitty Café Restaurant

It makes us happy to see that three of the best and most viewed articles are from our Writers. Bravo Writers Bravo! Keep calm and Write on....oh sorry, for now Kitty on with M.Yuasa.

Photo: PM Garcia

Cute Elegance - Hello Kitty Café Restaurant

Hello Kitty, a Japanese bobtail cat was first introduced in Japan in 1974 and to the USA in 1976. Some of us have grown old on Hello Kitty but how many of us have had the chance to peek-a-boo at the elegant Hello Kitty Café in Tokyo. Well if you are a fan of Hello Kitty and have been hoarding all Hello Kitty goods and souvenirs you must visit this Café Restaurant in Yokohama. The freshly and renewed HKCR will surely provide you an experience with a good balance between elegance and cuteness.
"If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" - Percy Bysshe Shelley

#3 Spring Event: Midtown Blossom, 2015

Photo: Sabrindai on Flickr

Spring Event: Midtown Blossom, 2015

A flash of plum blooms and we know that Spring is In. Spring, the most awaited season in Japan. Not because it follows the long, monotonous winter months but for the beauty and hope that it brings with itself. Hope in the form of Sakura and Ume blooms.

Japan is a top tourist destination every Spring. Tokyo is already gearing up with events like Midtown Blossom, 2015 starting from March 20th until April 15th this year. Mark your schedules and keep it free.

#2 Kanazawa: Japan’s Best Kept Secret

Get the best of the well-preserved samurai and geisha districts of Japan.

Photo: Greg on Flickr

Kanazawa: Japan’s Best Kept Secret

Beginning our trip from one of the most beautiful train stations in the world, with its popular attraction the Tsuzumi-mon; John Asano takes us to a picturesque tour of Kanazawa. Winding our way across the Kenrokuen Garden, the awe-inspiring Kanazawa Castle into the Nagamachi Samurai and Chaya-gai Geisha districts, finally reaching the 21st Century Museum of Modern Art as the last destination.

If you are still wondering how to access Kanazawa, do not worry. From March onwards the Hokuriku Shinkansen will take you to Kanazawa from Tokyo. What are you waiting for? Start packing.

#1 10 Ryokans Where You Can Experience The World’s Best Customer Service “Omotenashi”

For travelers old and young, the most significant part of the itinerary is the lodging. Nothing could be better than spending a comfortable night at some of the best hotels.

But, hold on, Japan has yet another experience to offer to its ever growing travelers.

Photo: Stéfan on Flickr

10 Ryokans Where You Can Experience The World’s Best Customer Service “Omotenashi”

Ryokans, traditional Japanese-style inns, these are the accommodations you must stay at to experience and understand Japanese culture. Take off your shoes, eat a sumptuous and healthy Japanese meal and sleep on a futon bed over the tatami floor, some of the exotic experiences at these Ryokans.

Get the best from the Spring season! Welcome to Japan!

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