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Spring Event: Midtown Blossom, 2015

Tokyo Midtown is holding a spring event “Midtown Blossom 2015” from March 20th to April 15th. Celebrate spring at the center of Tokyo visiting various events at the Martini Blossom Lounge and the Lit-up Cherry Blossoms, to name a few.


Offering an urban high-quality way of welcoming spring with the concept of “Flourish Spring”. The previous 8 years have seen a huge inflow of visitors enjoying the cherry blossoms in the center of Tokyo. The Midtown garden features 45 cherry blossoms including “Somei Yoshino” and “Yaebeni Shidare” from the former Defense Agency as well as 8 other kinds totaling about 150 cherry blossoms. The fantastically illuminated cherry trees, both in full bloom and the ones still in the bud, are appreciated by the visitors.



As a collaborative event of the world famous Hotel Ritz Carlton and Martini, the best Italian sparkling wine, Martini Blossom Lounge offers you a stylish and cozy space with good quality original menu and heartwarming hospitality. You can enjoy the cherry blossoms from the lounge from the chef’s specially selected menu that includes genuine putty and roulette as well as patisseries made with an image of cherry trees. We look forward to welcoming you at this Midtown spring event.

For enquires call Tokyo Midtown Call Centre 03 3475 3100

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Main Events:
▪Martini Blossom Lounge: A cozy lounge with sparkling wine and selected menu
▪Illuminating Cherry Blossoms: Color of the light differs depending on the period (before flowering, in full bloom, after the bloom) creating a fantastic atmosphere every evening until the event lasts.
▪Cheers Sparkling: On the anniversary of Tokyo Midtown, a glass of sparkling wine will be given to the first 500 visitors to express our gratitude.
▪Street Museum: Exhibition of the latest works of Young Award winners at the Tokyo Midtown Award, 2014 will be on display.
▪Flower Art Award Pre-exhibition: Works from Flower Art Awards add color to the event as a whole.

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