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“You want to be a Writer, don't know how or when? Find a quiet place, use a humble pen!” - Paul Simon

The best 10 heralded the past year but 2015 began with Taiken Japan recruiting bright sparks who found a quiet place and penned down beautiful lines for all our wonderful readers. To all our Writers for weaving words together into a string of articles that kept coming like fresh waves on a Japanese coast. Consider this as a 'pat on your back'.

#5 Tokyo Neighbourhood: Nerima


Tokyo Neighbourhood: Nerima

Fictional home of Doraemon, the famous Japanese anime character; Terry went winding in and around Nerima Station. A hop and a skip around this quiet neighbourhood reveals the stereotypical suburbs of Tokyo. Well laid out apartments and mansions with frequent piques at the beautiful parks. Nerima boasts of Japan's first animation studios. Next time you are near Ikebukuro do not miss out on this locality.

Tired of walking around Nerima, how about a visit to the Hot Springs!

#4 The Best Hot Spring Theme Parks


The Best Hot Spring Theme Parks

Strategic location of the island arc of Japan has its pros. Innumerable hot-spots guzzling with rich mineral resources to heal your mind body and soul. Onsens or Hot springs are some of the best attractions that Japan has to offer its tourists.

Well, dear tourists you need not worry about the Onsen culture in Japan. We take you to some of the best hot spring theme parks where you can enjoy with your friends and family.

#3 Tokamachi Snow Festival


The Masterpiece at Tokamachi Snow Festival

Why crave for the Yuki Matsuri at Hokkaido when you have a closer alternative easily accessible via Shinkansen from Tokyo! Celia gives us a word picture of the Tokamachi Snow Festival at Niigata.

If you are thinking you have missed the Sapporo Snow Festival, 2015 please don't be disheartened.

The Tokamachi Yuki Matsuri, 2015 starts from February 20th. You still have a week to plan a weekend trip.

Don't forget to stop by at the Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort, on the way, to enjoy a skiing experience too.

#2 Kagawa in a Day


Kagawa in a Day

All cold and freezing from Niigata! Enough of snow. Let us explore the warmer Shikoku region with Azalea from the snow-clad Niigata festivities. How about a bowl of hot and lip-smacking Udon? Yes Kagawa is the place.

Suggestions for a day trip to Kagawa so that you can catchup on the best in this action packed itinerary. From taking care of your taste buds with Udon, calming your mind at the Ritsuren Garden, satisfying the adventurous you on a ferry trip to Shodoshima; this trip has it all!

#1 White Start of the Year in Arashiyama, Kyoto


White Start of the Year in Arashiyama, Kyoto

We begin with Tokyo at #5 and scale to #1 with Kyoto. I must say this city has charmed many a tourist. Dressed in colors of autumn or clad in pristine white Kyoto is a tourists delight. David takes us to Arashiyama covered in a thick white blanket on Ganjitsu, the first day of 2015.

Continue following us at as we take you to amazing places in Japan especially for Valentine's Day this February!

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