[Easy Access Via Ropeway!] Two routes for Mt. Taisetsuzan where you can enjoy the hot springs, as well as autumn leaves earlier than anywhere else in Japan.

If you want to see the autumn leaves earlier than anyone else, you ought to head toward the Mt. Taisetsuzan mountain range which extends in the middle of Hokkaido. There is a way you can easily view the “autumn leaves front” which starts from here without having to climbing the mountains. Here are the routes:

Mt. Kurodake Route


Photo by http://www.sounkyo.net/

Once you reach the 7th station of the mountain by the ropeway and the lift, you will see a view of broadleaf forest in red and yellow. You will see the autumn leaves even while you are on the ropeway for the mountain! Autumn leaves can be viewed until the beginning of October in Sounkyo Onsen district..

The best time to view : early September - mid October


Mt. Asahidake Route


Photo by http://www.welcome-higashikawa.jp/

Your arrival will be welcomed by the autumn leaves in brilliant color when you get off the Asahidake Ropeway, which starts from the Asahidake Onsen district, at Sugatami station area located on the 5th station of the mountain. The view from the walking trail is impressive as well!

The best time to view : early September - mid October

Mt. Taisetsuzan

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