Hokkaido is Beautiful in Autumn As Well! The Great Autumn Leaf Viewing Spots in Hokkaido.


Hokkaido is one of the limited areas of Japan which is known for its unspoilt nature. Although whenever we talk about Hokkaido, we tend to associate it with its beautiful winter, autumn actually is another beautiful tourism season in Hokkaido.
You can enjoy viewing trees dressing up in beautiful autumn leaves in red and yellow.
Let us introduce you some of the great spots for viewing autumn leaves in Hokkaido:

Autumn leaves in Shiretoko, a World Natural Heritage Site

Shiretoko has been designated as one of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites in Japan. The area is blessed with unspoilt nature, and is a home to brown bears, and white-tailed eagles. Shiretoko features its renowned Shiretoko Goko Lakes, and the mountains surrounding the latkes change their colors in autumn. The landscape there, when combined with the autumn leaves is breathtakingly beautiful. The best time is between the beginning of October to the mid-October.

Autumn leaves in Akan

Takiguchi in Hokkaido’s Lake Akan is a scenic spot where the water from Lake Akan and Lake Taro join together to form Akan River. You can enjoy the splendid contrast created by the river, the rocks and the autumn leaves. The Marimo (the round green algae) Matsuri festival is held in the beginning of October in the nearby area, and that is the best time to view the autumn leaves in this area,

Autumn Leaves in Kushiro Marsh

Kushiro Shitsugen (marshland) is the largest marshland in Japan. The entire marsh area is designated as a Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and Kushiro Shitsugen National Park Special Area. The best time for autumn leaf viewing is at around mid-October. It is also nice to view the scenery of the autumn marshland from Norokko Train.


Autumn Leaves on the shores of Kussaro Lake

Kussharo Lake once became famous as a home to a mysterious creature, Kussie. You can enjoy viewing the autumn leaves of Japanese rowan, Japanese sumac, and maple trees on the shore of the lake. In the area near Sunayu, the tunnel of autumn leaves is overwhelmingly beautiful. The best time is from the beginning of October to mid-October.

Autumn Leaves by Jozankei Gorge

You can enjoy the trees dressed in beautiful autumn leaves here that you may call this area the one of the greatest autumn leaf viewing sites. “Momiji Kappa Bus,” which takes tourists to autumn leaf viewing spots surrounding Jozankei gorge, is in operation, and we recommend you taking this bus as the bus lets you travel around the various autumn leaf viewing spots in this area. In addition, you can enjoy the landscape with autumn leaves from the peak of the mountain by taking the gondola service which is available during the autumn leaf viewing season.


How about visiting Hokkaido in autumn to enjoy the nature? You may encounter the sceneries that will comfort you!

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