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Doraemon's Equipments in Real Life

Everyone absolutely has known about Doraemon, if not all we have at least heard about Doraemon. Doraemon’s cartoon or movie have been watched in many countries with multiple subtitles. Since Fujiko Fujio wrote the Doraemon, this creature had been an idol for not only children but adults too love him much. With his ability to take out unique equipments from his pocket, many people are left wondering and yearning to own his equipments in their real lives. There is no need to dream of those equipments for too long, scientists have recreated some of Doraemon's equipments in our real life.

Is that so? Let’s take a look. Here is a list of realistic equipments of Doraemon.


Who doesn’t know this bamboo? Doraemon showed his first equipment to Nobita, and fly away up to the sky. This bamboo if only put on our head will make us float, flying like a free bird. Really awesome! However who knew that in our real world today, this bamboo could actually become a usable commodity. Yes as we can see, jetpack and copterpack resemble this bamboo. It can fly us to the sky, over water or above the ground. Unfortunately, both these jetpacks and copterpacks have limitations. They are not instant and operate only within a few minutes, so you might not enjoy flying for too long. But who knows that 10 years or 20 years later, it will be our primary transportation.

Water Jet Pack

Water Jet Pack

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Everytime Nobita and Doraemon met someone from another country or in space or hidden tribes, they were unaware about their language or what they were talking. As a modern and sophisticated robot from the future, Doraemon had an equipment, named Konyaku translator, to help them interpret their language instantly.

Today the development of technology such as google and yahoo has created a google translator or yahoo babelfish to do the same thing konyaku does. Now any human lingo can be translated. In Japan and America, they have created translators for interpreting dog’s language, too.


American scientist, Dr Jack Gallant from University of California stated: “Our results suggest that it may soon be possible to reconstruct a picture of a person’s visual experience from measurements of brain activity alone. Imagine a general brain-reading device that could reconstruct a picture of a person’s visual experience at any moment in time.” So you can play with someone’s dream. Looks interesting, isn’t it?


If Nobita wanted to spy on someone, of course he could, Doraemon had a gadget for it. Just note the target. Today we can do the same thing with the help of Google latitude, Google Map or Google Earth, and Facebook is the platform which makes it real. It can display everything about a person, his hobby, relationship, location and everything else at a click of a finger.


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Fear of giants? No problem, Doraemon's super gloves can make Nobita powerful with his hands. Today, we have exoskeleton suit which is used for supporting humans as a war machine.


Suneo always showed up his expensive gadget to Nobita. But Nobita has a way to overcome it. Just draw a model then insert it into the machine and voila, you get a 3D printed version of the same. Today lots of factories use a computer model as their standard to produce components precisely for mass production.


As usual, Nobita always forgot everything. Doraemon had a helpful gadget to aid him as a reminder. Nowadays , micro chips have developed that can be implanted in human’s organ to help them aid their memory or replace nerve activities.


If you want to know everything, Doraemon also has a gadget for real. Future encyclopedia will answer everything. Now we have Google, Bing, Wikipedia and Yahoo that can do something similar to Doraemon’s encyclopaedia.

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