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Doraemon's Equipments in Real Life

Everyone absolutely has known about Doraemon, if not all we have at least heard about Doraemon. With his ability to take out unique equipments from his pocket, many people are left wondering and yearning to own his equipments in their real lives. There is no need to dream of those equipments for too long, scientists have recreated some of Doraemon's equipments in our real life.

Doraemon’s Top Inventions

I’m sure that you all know who Doraemon is, especially if you are a 90’s kid. A cat that looks like a robot and travelled all the way from the 22nd century to help a helpless kid named Nobita using the wonders from his magical 4D pocket. Although they are only fictional characters, I for once wondered, how great it would be if I was Nobita and had someone like Doraemon by my side. I mean, why shouldn’t I? Next time if you are in Japan, do not miss out on the different range of Doraemon themed products.

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