Evangelion Exhibition: A Look Inside the Legendary Japanese Animation

Photo:Yamashita Yohei on flickr

The Evangelion Exhibition will be held from November 29th, 2014 to January 12th, 2015 in Yamaguchi prefecture.

The exhibition features about 300 pieces including original sketches and setting materials from the famous animated series. Some items from the recent new theatrical edition will be shown for the first time.

Visitors will get to see performances by popular characters such as Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami as well as the procedure of animation production. Notes written by the staff and setting materials will help you better understand how such a state-of-the-art animation is made.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a life-size figure of Rei Ayanami. Don't miss it!

This exhibition is certainly worth visiting not only for Evangelion fans, but also for anyone interested in Japanese animation.

Various items such as official pictorial records, figures and T-shirts will be sold at the souvenir shop. Check the website below for more details!

Opening date: November 29th, 2014 ~ January 12th, 2015
Opening hours: 10am ~ 8pm (Entry until 7.30pm)
Entry fee: Adults 1000 yens / High and Junior High school students 600 yens / Primary school students 300 yens
Venue: Tokiwa Kosui Hall, 254 Okiube, Ube, Yamaguchi

Website (in Japanese): http://www.asahi.com/event/evangelion/

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