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Doraemon’s Top Inventions

I’m sure that you all know who Doraemon is, especially if you are a 90’s kid. A cat that looks like a robot and travelled all the way from the 22nd century to help a helpless kid named Nobita using the wonders from his magical 4D pocket. Although they are only fictional characters, I for once wondered, how great it would be if I was Nobita and had someone like Doraemon by my side. I mean, why shouldn’t I? Doraemon’s stuffs will work wonders in my life. Here are some of the best Doraemon’s inventions that will be incredibly useful if they existed in the real world!


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Time Cloth

Imagine having a favorite item but it is already all old and you want to get it back into its original state. Time cloth (time furoshiki) is the perfect answer for you. It is not even limited to inanimate objects; it can also be used on a living thing. All you need to do is wrap it around the object, and wait for a couple of minutes, and then it’s all done! Having the time cloth will be so great, especially if we are all out of cash and really need to get a replacement of something.


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Jelly Translator

The jelly translator (translator konyaku) is a jelly which consumed by someone, transforms the person and he/she is able to speak and understand every single language in the universe. How awesome will that be?? There will be no need to take language courses if we have one of these. It will be a blend of dictionaries in the jelly that you simply drink it up! There will be no such thing as a language barrier anymore.

Anywhere Door

The anywhere door or Dokodemo door is such an iconic Doraemon device. This is a magical door, that can take you to literally anywhere you want go to. Be it to a place just around the corner or even to another planet that is millions of light years away from earth, there is no limit to the anywhere door. But users should be aware that it only connects between two different locations, so we only get to visit one place at a time. This device will be so great for people who love to travel. They need not worry about visas or those kind of things if they have this.


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Take copter

The word take copter was derived from the words taketombo (bamboo copter in Japanese) and helicopter. It is basically a device that you can attach to your body part (hand, head, butt, anywhere really) and it will propel itself in the air. Where we want to go to, how much speed we want to travel in, and everything is controlled by our mind. Take copter is especially needed when we are in a rush and want to avoid the traffic. It is like a portable and practical helicopter, but of course doesn’t take as much space as the real thing. Plus, it runs on battery so we need not worry about the fuel cost.

Next time you are in Japan, you will know what souvenirs to buy, all different Doraemon themed gadgets.

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