All Day Brunch: Eggs n' Things in Japan

Brunch! That’s how I would describe Eggs n’ Things in one word if pressed. And who doesn't love brunch? The name doesn’t really give it away, but it’s actually a Hawaiian style restaurant. Now that I’ve piqued your interest (and probably your tastebuds), I’d love to tell you more about this place, and why it’s worth a visit if you happen to be lucky enough to spot one.


This particular establishment had humble beginnings, founded by Jan and Jerry Fukunaga on Ena Road, Waikiki, Hawaii, in 1974. Their goals were to use fresh ingredients, and treat all their customers like family. 40 years later, this sentiment still sits at the heart of their business, with a popular all day breakfast-style menu and a cheerful atmosphere. With three locations in Hawaii, one in Guam, and sixteen in Japan, Eggs n’ Things has had an impressive expansion without losing its original ideals.

Queues to get into Eggs n’ Things


Most locations have a light, airy feel, and you experience more than a warm welcome when you step through its doors. Staff are usually decked out in cheery Hawaiian shirts, flitting from table to table, usually with a tray in hand and a smile on their faces. The decor is very typically Hawaiian, with beautiful images of the island spread across the walls, as well as quirkier items such as surfboards! Seating is comfortable, and there is a mixture of settings to accommodate both large and small parties of diners.

Dining area


The main event! As mentioned, it’s touted as a breakfast joint, but don’t let this fool you into thinking the menu is limited. They have a plethora on offer, including vegetarian friendly options, so it’s great if you have members of your party with specific dietary needs. They are pretty famous for their pancakes, and if you’re only going the once, I highly recommend you give them a try! Light, fluffy pancakes come topped with a more than generous serving of whipped cream and fresh fruit. Delicious. You can either scoff one all to yourself, or share one with your dining companions! A great way to sample more of the menu is to order one of their tasty egg-centric dishes as your entree, then split a pancake dish as a dessert. Let me take a little time to talk about the other dishes available. They have a section dedicated to meat and eggs, meaning you can indulge in a hearty steak topped off with fresh cooked eggs, all to your liking. Not a meat fan? That’s okay! They have omelettes, eggs Benedict (this includes a vegetarian option), crepes, waffles, and a selection of Hawaiian favourites, such as loco moco. This is all from the Grand Menu, which is served all day. There’s a dinner menu, which is served from 5:00PM and includes traditional Hawaiian delights such as Ahi, Lomi Lomi, and lighter options such as grilled potatoes. There’s also a kids menu available for little appetites. Read the full menu choices here, as well as their allergen information.

Menu items. Photo by Norio NAKAYAMA on Flickr


Another thing Eggs n’ Things do well is the drinks. The well stocked bar can offer you beers, wines, and other spirits, as well as cocktails. Not in the mood for booze? They also have tea, coffee, fruit juice, and smoothies available. The smoothies especially are refreshing on a hot day!

Bar area

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a really nice experience. It may not be what you expect to find in Japan, but this doesn't mean you can't enjoy it! The menu is extensive, the price is fair, the atmosphere is relaxing, and if you love it that much, it even has a little gift corner; buy yourself a mug and remember your time there every time you sip your morning coffee!

Gift area

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