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A Paradise of Rabbits!? Visit Okunoshima, Rabbit Island

The island of Okunoshima in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture is full of rabbits, and tourists have taken notice!

According to a survey conducted in 2013, there are at least 700 of the cute furballs. The island was not always home to hundreds of rabbits—it all started with 8 rabbits released from an elementary school back in 1971.

Okunoshima rabbits nibbling on carrot
Photo by ss.mc114 via Flickr

How to get to Okunoshima from Hiroshima

The nearest port to the island is Tadanoumi Port (spelled Tadanômi Port on the Rabbit Island website), located a short walk from Tadanoumi Station on the JR Kure Line.

When coming from either Hiroshima or Osaka, you'll want to catch the Shinkansen bullet train to Mihara Station, and there transfer to the Kure Line for the picturesque 25-minute train ride to Tadanoumi Station.

Ferries leave Tadanoumi Port about once every 30 to 45 minutes and it takes 15 minutes to get to the island.

Okunoshima rabbit with ears alert
Photo by Steffen Flor via Flickr

One thing to keep in mind when visiting is that it's very important to follow the posted rules so as not to harm the rabbits when feeding or touching them.

For more information

The official website for Rabbit Island has tons of great information in English for planning your visit.

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