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A Guide to Movie Theatres in Sapporo

Going to the movies is a great way of relieving stress, having a fun time or just trying to avoid cold or warm weather.

Let’s take a look at where you can find and get great cinematic experiences if you are traveling or living in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Sapporo Factory, United Cinema IMAX Theatre

Probably the most popular cinema in the city, the Imax Theatre screens a variety of mainstream films and blockbusters. Most of the promotional events for newly released films are held here, so this is a good place to come if you want to experience premieres and special events. This screening venue is also popular due to its location inside the popular shopping complex Sapporo Factory, a 15 minute walk from the Sapporo TV Tower in Odori Park.

Address: 4-1-1 Kita Ichicho Higashi, Sapporo Facatory, Hall 2F

Sapporo Plaza 2.5

The Sapporo Plaza 2.5 is a two screening hall cinema venue, most popular for hosting the international film festival Sapporo Short Fest every mid to late October. This short film festival is the biggest event in Sapporo in the autumn part of the year, and should not be missed if you happen to find yourself in the city at this time. Sapporo Plaza 2.5 also hosts a variety of events other than film screenings, such as musical performances. Performances and events are announced on the cinema billboard outside the venue entrance. Located in downtown Susukino, Sapporo Plaza 2.5, is in the shopping arcade Tanukikoji. It is also close to another cinema venue — Theater Kino, and a variety of restaurants.

Address: South 2, West 5, Chuo-ku, (Tanuki-Koji Shopping Arcade 5)

Theater Kino

Theatre Kino. Photo by 禁樹なずな on Wikimedia Commons.

Theater Kino is a screening venue with two theatres located in Susukino, near the shopping arcade of Tanukikoji. This screening venue operates as a film club, showing a variety of art house films for its members. The films are carefully selected by the cinema’s manager who aims to promote the best of cinematic experiences for his audiences. There is also a cinema cafe in the same complex, and from time to time you can catch different lectures on film. If you miss going to a film club, Theater Kino is a great option.

Official Website

Address:  2F Grand Building, Minami 2, Nishi 6

The Clark Theater, Hokkaido University Campus

The Clark Theater is the in-house cinema of Hokkaido University. Located on campus, in the Clark Memorial student center, a very short walk by foot from Sapporo Station, this screening hall offers special screenings, small film festivals and different types of movie events. Named after Hokkaido University’s founding father, this venue screens mainly art house movies, as well as many events showcasing the local Sapporo and Hokkaido filmmaking talents.

Official Website

Address: 8 Chome Kita 8 Jonishi, Kita Ward

Sapporo Cinema Frontier – Weekly Matinee Screenings

Although a commercial cinema complex, Sapporo Cinema Frontier on the 7th floor of Sapporo Stellar Place in Sapporo Station, also provides this arthaus cinema with weekend matinee screenings of cinema classics. Tickets for this program are 1000 yen ($10) (¥500 ($5) for students) and the same film is screened both Saturdays and Sundays. Mostly screening cinema classics from the US and Europe, the program is announced six months in advance.

Address: Nishi 2, Kita 5, Chou-ku | JR Tower Stellar Place 7F

Ticket Info

As most of these venues mentioned in this article are arthaus movie theaters, ticket prices will vary and will not be like the standard cinema prices. On average ticket prices for each venue are around 1000 yen ($10), and because most of the films screened are for cinema lovers and those with a special interest, you will most likely not have to buy tickets in advance unless it is a very big and promoted event.

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