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Lost in Translation

Getting lost does not always have to be a bad thing.

Getting lost in Japan, is something that might happen even more than expected.

“Lost in Translation” is the movie directed by Sofia Coppola, which I would recommend you to watch in case you are planning to include Tokyo in your trip.

If you have watched the movie and you liked it, might be fun to recreate yourself some of Bob Harris (Bill Murray) & Charlotte's (Scarlett Johansson) experiences. If so, please feel free to follow some of these tips:

  • Go crazy at the busiest crossing in Shibuya. This famous intersection located just in front of Shibuya train station will show you how busy it can get when all the traffic lights turn red at the same time and all the pedestrians surge from all sides like little ants dancing a unique melody, while others take advantage of the scenery trying to save the moment and the feeling into a picture or a video. I am sure that you (as most of us) will do both.
  • Karaoke is a serious business in Tokyo meaning that you can sing all day and night until loosing your voice. If you are part of a fun group, try renting your private room and do it as a Japanese.
  • Walk around and about the neon lights of Shinjuku. Take the narrow side streets and don’t be afraid to open the doors of the tiny bars and restaurants and try those dishes you have no idea what they have. Tokyo is the place to do it.
Shinjuku street
  • Explore the Pachinko feeling from the inside. This noisy and hypnotic form of gambling is not a joke. Join the locals (at least for a few minutes) and discover it yourself. You might find yourself speechless and overwhelmed by the environment so please feel free to leave the place as soon as you want.
  • If you can afford a stay at the timeless Park Hyatt Tokyo, swim in the open ceiling pool located on the 47th floor. This landmark that can be seen from most of the areas in Tokyo won’t disappoint you.
  • If the stay at Park Hyatt is out of your pocket, don’t give up. You can still be there and enjoy the 360 grades view from the 52nd floor. Go for some drinks to the New York Bar, where Bob Harris spent hours drinking while jet lag. Discover the power of a great live band, an insane view and the best cocktails and snacks while seated in a tall chair with your drink, cigar or snacks as your date.

If you went to all these steps and you created your own stories and your own movie, I am sure that you are already planning a come back to one of the most exiting and surreal cities ever known. And believe me, there is much more to discover, to taste, to feel, to learn from and to be amazed by this ancient but avant-garde culture mixed in such a wonderful and sometimes incomprehensible way of living.

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