Studio Ghibli Is at Toyama Glass Art Museum

Since the 1980s, Studio Ghibli has been gaining legions of fans around the world with iconic characters such as Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa, Ponyo and many more. From 8th December 2018 to 24th February 2019, the Studio Ghibli Exhibition is entertaining fans young and old in Toyama City. Come to the Toyama Glass Art Museum and soak in the magic!

Studio Ghibli Exhibition at the Toyama Glass Art Museum

This creative exhibition draws visitors into an intricate maze. As you figure out your way to the exit, the world of Ghibli envelops you with a wealth of history, culture, arts and philosophy. Don’t worry about getting lost, you’ll be presented with a road map at the entrance. If you love surprises with a touch of kawaii fun, this is one event you shouldn’t miss.

Ghibli Exhibition road map

The quality and variety of materials on display will definitely blow you away. You will see regular “art gallery style” paintings like this one:

Paintings at the Ghibli Exhibition

Futuristic sculptures with an avant-garde flavor such as this one:

Sculpture at the Ghibli Exhibition

And you will be mesmerized by a beautiful illumination arrangement that might make you wonder if you’re dreaming or still awake. The combination of bright lights in a dim room with soft animation theme songs in the air gives a surreal touch to the whole experience.

Illumination art at the Ghibli Exhibition

There is a lot of solid science in this exhibition too. Look at this wooden space vessel from Laputa: The Castle in The Sky — it floats and moves mid-air. How does that thing work? Nobody knows!

There are many more interactive items on display and unfortunately photo taking is prohibited in most parts of the maze. So, you have to be here in person to fully experience the Ghibli joy!

The Studio Ghibli merchandize booths await those who have successfully exited the maze. Some of the items on sale are simply exquisite and most are wonderfully cute!

I took home a limited-edition bookmark set. How about you? 😊

A good buy!

Good buys and goodbyes,
Hello and farewell,
In the maze we laughed,
By the booths we exited,
Leaving a hall of amusement,
Into the dreams we fly.

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