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12 Amazing Theme Parks in Japan

Japan is never short of fun things to do. Whether you are there to see historical sights, go shopping, or see some beautiful nature spots, there seems to be something for every mood in this wonderful country. Theme parks are no exception; there are plenty of great places all over Japan where you can find exciting themed rides and thrilling rollercoasters. Here are twelve fantastic theme parks in Japan, what they include, and where to find them.

1. Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland theme park has a terrific view of Mt. Fuji and something for everyone can be found here. It has terrifying rollercoasters such as Eejanaika, which is the record holder for the most spins in one ride, the Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear horror house, and the terrifically quick Dodonpa. Fuji-Q often has themed events such as Evangelion World or Attack on Titan, and there are also areas for small children.

Fuji-Q is in Yamanashi Prefecture, a few hours from Tokyo by train or by bus. Customers can get a package return bus and park ticket if they depart from Tokyo. The price for entry is as follows:

• General entry (paying for rides separately): 1500 yen for adults and 900 yen for children
• 1-Day free pass (all rides included): 5700 yen for adults, 5200 yen for 12-18 year olds, and 4300 yen for children up to 11 years old
• 2-Day free pass: 9300 yen for adults, 8400 yen for 12-18 year olds, 7200 yen for children up to 11 years old
• Free for 2-year-olds
• 3000 yen for seniors

There are separate fees to enter Thomas Land. The general entry fee is perfect for those who cannot ride rollercoasters or only plan on riding one or two in the day. If you’d like to try some record-holding rides, explore a scary haunted house, and enjoy great views of Mt. Fuji while you’re at it, check out Fuji Q!

2. Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland has a completely different vibe to Fuji Q. Sanrio is the company where famous idols such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Pekkle. If you are traveling with small children, definitely make a trip to this cute theme park! Puroland has charming parades and performances by the characters, meet and greet sessions, and child-friendly attractions such as the Sanrio Boat Ride and the Hello Kitty House. Sanrio Puroland is in Tama, Tokyo, about 45 minutes by train from Shinjuku Station. Entry fees are as follows.

• On regular days: 3300 yen for adults (18 years old and older) and 2500 yen for children
• On holidays: 3800 yen for adults and 2700 yen for children

This park is ideal for families that have children who are huge fans of Hello Kitty! Check out this theme park for a lovely and cute day out in Tokyo.

3. Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City is a sort of mix between a shopping center, arcade, and theme park. There is an entrance fee or you can purchase a ticket for each ride. Tokyo Dome City is home to the Big O Ferris wheel where you can sing karaoke while taking in the city views, the incredibly fun and scary Thunder Dolphin rollercoaster, and the water ride Wonder Drop that is perfect to cool off during summer! There are several different zones with various attractions that is super fun to go for a full day. Tokyo Dome City is in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, just twenty minutes from Shinjuku Station. Below are the ticket prices.

• 1-Day pass: 3900 yen for adults, 3400 yen for youths and seniors (12-17), 2100 yen for children (6-11), and 1300 yen for infants (3-5)
• Night pass: 2900 yen for adults, 2400 yen for youths
• 5-ride pass: 2600 yen (for all)
• Skip the line for Thunder Dolphin: 520 yen (available at weekends and typically busy days)

Tokyo Dome City is great fun but be sure to think carefully before buying tickets. For example, Thunder Dolphin alone is almost 1000 yen for one ride, so be careful which tickets you decide to get to get the best deal.

4. Asakusa Hanayashiki

This is Japan’s oldest theme park and though it may not be the most cutting-edge park there is, it is nevertheless a charming little area with over twenty attractions and great views of Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree. This little gem, which started off as a flower garden in the Edo period, is often missed by visitors of the area.

Attractions include Japan’s oldest steel track rollercoaster, a ninja dojo where kids can take a short class in being a ninja, and cute wandering mascots. This park is located in the heart of Asakusa, very close to the famous Senso-ji Temple, and well worth a visit if you are in the area. Tickets are as follows.

• Admission fee: 1000 yen for adults (13-64), 500 yen for seniors and children (7-12), free for those with a disability (certificate must be shown)
• Free ride pass: 2300 yen for adults, 2000 yen for children, 1800 yen for seniors and children under 6 years old
• Single ride pass: 100 yen or 1000 yen for 11 rides

Find out a little about Asakusa’s historic theme park and visit Asakusa Hanayashiki for a day! It is a little more affordable and accessible from Tokyo than other parks, making it a great choice for those in a hurry or on a budget.

5. Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

Fans of theme parks can’t forget Disneyland! Tokyo, or more specifically, Chiba, has two Disney theme parks. Disneyland is more focused on small children, and includes rides such as It’s a Small World, a Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, and the classic parade. DisneySea is more appropriate for couples, older children, and adults, and features the Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones’ Adventure, and Raging Spirits, as well as attractions featuring Toy Story, the Little Mermaid, and Aladdin.

Both parks are both in Urayasu, Chiba and can be reached in around 30-40 minutes from Tokyo Station. See below for information on ticket prices for both parks.

• 1-Day pass: 7400 yen for adults (18 and over), 6400 yen for juniors (12-17), 4800 for children (4-11), and 6700 for seniors (65 and over)
• 2-Day, 3-Day, and 4-Day passes are also available
• After 6 pass: 4200 yen (for all). This ticket is available Mondays to Fridays except national holidays
• Starlight pass: 5400 yen for adults, 4700 yen for juniors, and 3500 yen for children. This ticket is available at weekends and national holidays
• Annual passes are also available

If you’re a fan of Disney, be sure to check out the magical wonder of Disneyland and DisneySea during your trip to Tokyo! With exciting rides and the maintained magical atmosphere that Disney is so well known for, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios is another familiar-sounding theme park! The one in Japan has the popular Harry Potter world and a Minion Park, as well as some classics like Jaws and Jurassic Park. Marvel fans can experience The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and movie fans can find their favourite characters featured in the many, many attractions at this incredibly exciting park.

USJ is located in Osaka, around 30 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station. Tickets are as follows.

• 1-Day studio pass: 7600 yen for adults (12 or over), 5100 yen for children (4-11), and 6830 yen for seniors (65 or over)
• 2-Day studio pass: 12,800 yen for adults and 8620 yen for children
• Universal Express passes and annual passes are also available

For fans of Universal Studios movies, this theme park is another great choice for a fantastic day out. If you will be in Osaka during your trip, be sure to pay a visit to USJ.

7. Edo Wonderland

Edo Wonderland is quite unique. It does not actually have Ferris wheels and rollercoasters like most theme parks, but it is an Edo-era amusement park featuring exciting ninja performances, a trick house, and authentic-looking streets that will make it feel like you have travelled back in time! There are many wonderful activities available at this park, including dressing up Edo style, taking a boat cruise, archery, darts, and much more. There is also a variety of delicious restaurants serving Japanese food and souvenir shops.

Edo Wonderland is in Nikko and can be accessed by bus from Tokyo in a couple of hours. See below for ticket details.

• One day pass: 4700 yen for adults and 2400 yen for children
• Afternoon pass (from 2:00pm or 1:00pm in winter): 4100 yen for adults and 2100 yen for children
• Seniors and people with disabilities get discounts
• Parking: 800 yen for a car and 400 yen for a motorcycle

Edo Wonderland is a unique theme park perfect for those looking for an exciting day out where they can learn about Japanese history as well as exploring what the park has to offer.

8. Huis Ten Bosch

This theme park is European-themed and has ongoing features such as impressive illuminations and seasonal events. This ‘small-Europe’ is modeled from Middle Ages Holland, giving it a nostalgic charm. You can enjoy dishes from all over the world here and those staying at the nearby associated hotels can get discounts to the park. Visitors can enjoy attractions such as the Owl Forest, outdoor activities like the Shooting Star and the Maze, and even a Virtual Reality area. This theme park is located in Nagasaki and is around 90 minutes from Nagasaki Station. Here are the ticket details.

• 1-Day pass: 6900 yen for adults (18 or over), 5900 yen for youths (12-17), 4500 yen for children (4-11), and 6400 for seniors
• 2-Day and 3-Day passes are also available
• Tickets bought for entry after certain times are also available at a discount
• Guests of certain hotels can get a discount on their entrance fee

If you will be staying in or near Nagasaki, definitely give Huis Ten Bosch a try! Get a taste of Europe and even try Virtual Reality at this charming theme park.

9. Legoland Japan

Legoland opened in Japan, after much anticipation, in April 2017 and it features everything from themed areas to exciting rides! Just a few of these are the Submarine Adventure, Splash Battle, Pirate Shores, Pharaoh’s Revenge, and the medieval-themed Knight’s Kingdom. This park is best for families with small children.

Legoland Japan is located in Nagoya, around 35 minutes from Nagoya Station. Ticket details are below.

• 1-Day pass: 6900 yen for adults (13 or over) and 5300 for children (3-12)
• Family 1-Day pass (for 3 people): 19,100 yen (must be booked in advance)
• Family 1-Day pass (for 4 people): 24,400 yen (must be booked in advance)
• Discounts are available for those who book far enough in advance
• Annual passes are also available

Legoland has enjoyed huge success around the world and Japan seems to be no exception! For fans of Lego, this theme park is a great choice.

10. Shima Spain Village

Shima Spain Village retains a nostalgic feel of old Spanish townscape and features exciting attractions such as the Iron Bull indoor rollercoaster, a boat cruise, the Nutcracker, and even a Castle Museum. This unique park is great for families with children. Shima Spain Village is in Shima, Mie Prefecture, which is a couple of hours from Osaka. Ticket details are below.

• 1-Day pass: 5300 yen for adults (18-59), 3500 yen for seniors, 4300 yen for juniors (12-17), 3500 yen for children (3-11)
• 2-Day pass: 6600 yen for adults, 4500 yen for seniors, 5300 yen for juniors, 4500 yen for children

For a Spain-themed theme park that is likely to be less crowded than others on this list, give Shima Spain Village a try next time you are in Mie!

11. Porto Europe

Porto Europe is a vibrant island attraction which is Europe-themed and boasts a romantic atmosphere and careful reconstruction of the charming streets of France, Spain, and Italy. The park features street performances and there are many attractions such as a 4D theatre, the Twin Dragon, the High-Diving water ride, and the exciting Astro Space Fighter. This little park has everything you could want!

Porto Europe is in Wakayama and is just 45 minutes from Kansai Airport. Check out the ticket details below.

• Standard pass: 3500 yen for adults and 2900 yen for children
• Some attractions require an additional fee

Surrounding areas on this small island include Kuroshio Market, a Fruits Village, and a hot spring, meaning you can spend a day or two exploring this exciting area! For a fun-filled day in one of Japan’s little-known parks, try Porto Europe.

12. Togakushi Ninja Village

ninja holding sword horizontally in both hands

For fans of ninja culture, look no further than Togakushi Ninja Village, which used to be a real ninja school in the 15th and 16th centuries. Now, it’s an exciting amusement park which allows its guests to participate in real ninja-related attractions appropriate for children as well as adults! There are different themed attractions every month and it’s also possible to rent a ninja costume for an additional fee to really feel like you’re part of the action! This theme park is in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture. Check out the ticket details below.

• Village admission: 500 yen for adults and elementary school children (7 or over), and 230 yen for small children (4-6)
• Admission and 6 coupons for attractions: 1850 for adults and children (7 or over), and 1630 for small children

Ninja fans would surely love this exciting amusement park! If you are going to be in Nagano during your trip to Japan and you’re interested in the country’s fascinating ninja culture, visit Togakushi Ninja Village.

These twelve theme parks are located all over the country and promise their guests a satisfying and unique experience. Whether you’re into horror houses, want to try cultural activities, or you’re looking to entertain your kids for the day, there seems to be something for everyone. Visit a theme park during your stay in Japan and create some unforgettable memories.

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