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Builders of All Ages Will Find Excitement and Creativity at LEGOLAND Japan

LEGO is every child's dream toy which helps bring out the creativity hidden inside their little minds, and time spent with family in a theme park dedicated to LEGO can be one of the best gifts you can give to your children. LEGOLAND Japan is the latest addition to the attractions in Nagoya, and is great fun for LEGO admirers of all ages.

Spread across 10 acres, LEGOLAND Japan is the first of its kind in Japan and second in Asia. The entire theme park is divided into 7 areas, namely Lego Factory, Pirate Shores, Knights Kingdom, Lego City, Adventure Land, Miniland and Bricktopia.

Lego Factory area

The first place we started our LEGOLAND discovery was visiting Lego Factory tour. Here you can get to know how Lego bricks are manufactured from scratch and at the end of the tour we are presented with freshly made bricks as a souvenir.

Next stop was at Adventure Land, where we were welcomed by a live performance from an young Japanese lady performing yoga. Her mind-blowing performance was applauded by the crowd. You can find a short video of the performance below:

We also enjoyed some adventure rides like ‘The secret chamber of Amset-Ra’ and ‘Lost kingdom adventures’.

Lego display of the secret chamber of Amset-Ra

After all the fun we had, it was time to nibble on some snacks. We had French fries and these were no ordinary fries as each piece was in the shape of a Lego block. You can grab one from the Oasis snack shop. You have a variety of food options from burgers to pizza & pasta buffet.

Lego block shaped french fries

We continued our fun trip next to Miniland, and from my experience this is one of the must-visit areas of the park. Japan’s famous spots are recreated with Lego blocks. Hats off to the creative minds who came up with this idea as I lost track of time and immersed myself in capturing their amazing artwork.

Miniland, with many of Japan's famous landmarks built out of Lego

a Lego Mount Fuji and shrine

After enjoying the roller coaster ride in Knights Kingdom our final stop was at ‘Bricktopia’. We were just in time for the Ninja Go live performance. This is a puppetry stage performance combined with video mapping which lasts for about 20 minutes. Also for kids there is an imagination celebration room where they can build anything of their choice with Lego blocks.

Posing with a giant Lego ninja character

Lots of Lego

One of the rides I enjoyed the most was the ‘Observatory tower’. We had a chance to see a 360-degree view of the whole park, which brought back memories of the day. One thing to be noted is that for every ride there is a minimum height criterion for kids. Duplo Valley is another place specially for young kids with a play area and also a mini train track.

Observatory tower

Most of the rides have photo booths where professionals capture those fun moments and you can get them scanned into card and later buy them from the photo shop. If you would like to make a personalized keychain of your choice then do not forget to visit “Pick-A-Brick” shop in Bricktopia. Every area has a special toy store with a huge collection of Lego themed items. Being a Lego and Batman fan myself, I was excited to purchase a Lego Batman action figure table clock.

1 Day Passport - 6,900 yen (adults) and 5,300 yen (kids)
Annual Pass - 17,300 yen (adults) and 13,300 yen (kids)

ACCESS: Take the Aonami line from Nagoya station and get off at Kinjo Futo station (24 mins) and walk for about 800m.

ADDRESS: 〒455-8605 Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Minato-ku, Kinjōfutō, 2-2−1
TELEPHONE: 050-5840-0505


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