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10 Best Autumn-leaf Viewing Spots in Tohoku!

The autumn in Tohoku offers stunningly beautiful scenery. Let us introduce you the must-go best autumn-leaf viewing spots in order to make your autumn trip to Tohoku even better!

No. 1: Lake Towada (Aomori & Akita)

Lake Towada is situated in the prefectural border between Aomori and Akita, and is a double caldera within Towada-Hachimantai National Park. The entire surface of the steep lakeshore is dressed in red and yellow in the autumn. The picturesque beauty of the scenery is breathtaking.

No. 2: Oirase Keiryu Stream (Aomori)



Oirase Keiryu Stream extends for the length of 14km (8.7mi) from Lake Towada. It has its charm with its boldly dynamic stream as oppose to Lake Towada. The autumn leaves seen with the gorge are splendid.

No. 3: Tsutanuma Pond (Aomori)

Tsutanuma Pond in Aomori, where the image of it is used for JR’s promotion posters, is another spot which offers beautiful scenery with autumn leaves. The scenery in which the trees are so red as if they are bursting into flames and the reflection of them on the pond’s surface thereby painting everything in red is something you cannot see anywhere but here.

No. 4: Mt. Hakkoda (Aomori)

Mt. Hakkoda. Photo by らんで on Wikimedia Commons.

You can view the beautiful landscape decorated with red and yellow autumn leaves from Hakkoda Ropeway.

From the end of October to November, you can view the first snow in that area. The vivid contrast between the pure white and the red from autumn leaves create an overwhelmingly beautiful scenery.

No. 5: Dakigaeri Gorge (Akita)

You can enjoy the grandeur view of autumn leaves on both shores along Tamagawa River making a great contrast with the blue river. The perfect timing for the autumn-leaf viewing is from mid-October to the beginning of November. At the best autumn-leaf viewing season, they hold Dakigaeri Autumn-leaf Festival.

No. 6: Hachimantai (Iwate & Akita)


You can enjoy the autumn leaves on the trees extending from Gozaisho-numa to the peak of Mt. Hachimantai. On the Aspite Line, the sightseeing road which connects Iwate with Akita, you can enjoy driving while viewing the grandeur autumn leaves on the mountains.

No. 7: Mt. Chokai (Akita & Yamagata)


Mt. Chokai, where the autumn-leaf viewing season is reached from the mid-October to the end of October, the autumn leaves along the side of Chokai Blue Line is something worth seeing. At the peak autumn-leaf season, a festival called Chokaisan Jinroku Tsunokirisai, where the antlers of the holy deer are cut. The trees in red, yellow, and brown around Ohira Sanso are something worth your while to take a look at.

No. 8: Lake Tazawa (Akita)


Lake Tazawa is considered to be the deepest lake in Japan. The primary forest surrounding this deep lake change their dresses from green to red and yellow in the autumn. The best time for autumn-leaf viewing is from late October to the beginning of November. The contrast between the blue from the lake and the autumn leaves create very beautiful scenery.
At the peak of the autumn-leaf viewing season, an event, Lake Tazawa Two-day March, is held.

No. 9. Mt. Kurikoma-Yama (Iwate, Miyagi, & Akita)


The Mt. Kurikoma-Yama is a mountain which offers you a splendid nature. You can enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful scenery from the beginning of October when trees start changing their color, as there is a lush expanse of trees covering the entire mountain. In addition, there is Sukawa onsen nearby boasting its outflow.

No. 10: Shirakami Sanchi (Aomori & Akita)


Shirakami Sanchi is designated as a World Heritage Site, and the view of the autumn leaves from the area commonly referred to as “Meya Gorge”, upper stream of Iwaki River, is fascinatingly beautiful. From the Anmon no Taki falls path, you can enjoy the contrast created between the autumn leaves and the waterfall, by offering an autumn-leaf viewing spot with a touch of difference.

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