10 Best Autumn-Leaf Viewing Spots in Kyushu – Saga and Nagasaki

10 Best Autumn-Leaf Viewing Spots in Kyushu – Saga and Nagasaki


Kyushu area also has way too many autumn-leaf viewing spots that we don’t have enough space to introduce them all to you here, so let us show you some of the best spots in Saga and Nagasaki.

1.Obuchi-Mebuchi Koen Park (Saga)

Obuchi Mebuchi Koen Park in Saga-shi, Saga prefecture is a gorge located in the midway between Furuyu and Kumanokawa Onsen. The trees in the area change their color to red from the beginning of November to mid-November. You can enjoy the autumn-leaf viewing in the midst of a grandeur nature.

2. Seikei Koen Park (Saga)

Seikei Koen Park is a garden located in Taku-shi, Saga prefecture, and was renovated by a local businessman with his own expense, and then he had donated it to Taku-mura. There are about 180 maple trees within the garden, and they start changing their color in red from the beginning of November to mid-November.

3. Mifuneyama Rakuen Park (Saga)

Mifuneyama Rakuen Park which is located in Takeo-shi, Saga prefecture, was built by the 28th lord of Takeo Domain. The best spots offered by the park are Hyotan pond, with which you can view the reflection of Mifune-yama on the pond surface, and Furimuki-zaka, and the best autumn-leaf viewing time is at around mid-November.

4. Kasuga Keikoku Gorge (Saga)

Kasuga Keikoku Gorge in Ureshin-shi, Saga prefecture is a gorge blessed with unspoilt nature. You can enjoy the beautiful contrast created by the rock surface and the clear stream as there are many acer and maple trees.

5. Kunenan (Saga)
photo:gtknj on flickr

Kunenan which is situated in Kanzaki-shi, Saga prefecture is a former villa and the garden built by Yataro Itami, a big-time businessman of Meiji period. This park is designated as a scenic beauty site by the government. The autumn leaves covering the garden is breathtakingly beautiful. This garden is only made available to public for autumn-leaf viewing season each year, nine days from November 15th to 23rd.

6. Niiyama Jinja Shrine (Saga)

Niiyama Jinja Shrine in Kanzaki-shi, Saga ken is a shrine with a history over 1200 years. This shrine has been attracting many people since the olden days, and its scenery where autumn leaves dressing the entire approach in red are very famous. The best autumn-leaf viewing season is between mid-November and the beginning of December.

7. Daikozen-ji Temple (Saga)

Daikozen-ji Temple, which is located in Kiyama-cho, Miyaki-gun, Saga prefecture, is another autumn-leaf viewing spot where you can enjoy the scenery with 500 maple trees. The tasteful scenery within the temple with autumn leaves is breathtakingly beautiful.

8. Big Gingko Tree in Izumiyama (Saga)

Big Gingko Tree of Izumiyama, which is located in Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga prefecture largest tree in Saga prefecture with the age over 1000 years, and is designated as a national natural treasure. The impressive tree is illuminated from the sunset. The best time for viewing is from mid-November to the end of November each year.

9. Unzen (Nagasaki)

Unzen in Unzen-shi, Nagasaki prefecture is said to be the home of over 120 species of plans. The autumn leaves from this area has been designated as a national natural treasure as the typical autumn leaves of Japan in 1928. The scenery where the entire mountain is dressed in red is something worth your while to see. The best time for the autumn-leaf viewing is at around the beginning of November.

10. Todoroki-kyo Gorge (Nagasaki)

Todoroki-kyo Gorge in Isahaya-shi, Nagasaki prefecture is blessed with its very pristine water which is selected as one of the Japan’s 100 Remarkable Waters. There are about 30 waterfalls of all sizes here, and you can enjoy the autumn leaves dressed in beautiful color around the waterfalls are just remarkably beautiful.

There are so many must-see autumn-leaf viewing spots offered by Kyushu. Which one of the spots do you want to go for an autumn-leaf viewing spots?