The largest caldera lake in Japan, "Lake Kussharo" is a resort filled with activities such as camping, canoeing and hot springs among others


Lake Kussharo, which ranks second among caldera lakes, boasts its humongous size, which is the largest in Japan. With a circumference of 57 km and a surface of 79.3 sqkm, a lot of visitors come for its large size and for the 12 km-island at its center that never fails to astound anyone.
Lake Kussharo, as the largest caldera in Japan, is a wonderful location as its surroundings include even the tops of Aso Caldera in Kyushu.
Aside from being large, the lake is riddled with various activities and sports its famous lively atmosphere as one of the resorts which is popular during early summer until autumn.
It is filled with fun activities for adults and children such as camping, hot spring bathing, lake bathing, canoeing, yacht, wind surfing, fishing and other water sports as well as bird watching along the trail.
Sandpit hot springs is the rarest among hot springs along the lake such as the Lake Kussharo hot spring, Wakoto hot spring, Nibushi hot spring and others found in villages which have hot baths. As what the name suggests, you can dig in the sand until hot water gushes out. After a few moments you will be able to build your own personal hot spring. You can enjoy lake bathing inside the camping grounds. Afterwhich, you can comfortably spend your time inside the natural sandpit hot spring paradise that you made.


While Lake Kussharo is covered with ice during winter this sand area never becomes frosted. So this sand bath attracts whooper swans resting their wings over the steam, which is now one of the popular views of the area.


Wakoto Onsen and Kotan-no-yu Hot Spring are similarly the outdoor hot springs connected by the lakes and you may feel that you are soaking in the huge lake water, feeling large and relaxed.
While you may enjoy soaking in the hot bath in the early morning calm, or under the starry night sky, the bath during the time when the setting sun over the crater rim paints the lake water sparkling gold is particularly recommendable.


Then you may be able to spot mysterious monster, "Kussie" which is believed to live in this lake.

Lake Kussharo
Address: Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido

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