A Trip to Minoh Falls

Located just north of Osaka city is picturesque Minoh. It is a beautiful little area with friendly people, the famous Minoh Monkeys, and Momiji—which is deep fried dried Japanese maple leaves. That is not all that this little piece of paradise has to offer however, for nestled within the foliage-filled hills that skirt the town you will find Minoh Falls. It is a delightful walk from the main train station and is made more enjoyable by the many shops and boutiques lining both sides of the narrow street along with the occasional shrine and interesting rock formations interspersed here and there.

Photo by lasta29 on Flickr.

As you continue up the winding path, the businesses become sparse, giving way to the beautiful scenery that makes this an ideal trek for any nature lover. At times as you twist your way up the gentle grade of the mountain, you find flowers abounding on one side of the road and tree littered hills with overhanging branches the other. At other intervals, you can enjoy the rhythm of the gently rushing water as it rolls among the rocks on both sides of the causeway. The music of the area songbirds only add to the sensation of being a world away from reality. The journey is further decorated with the occasional red railed bridge arcing overhead.


This trip is not only for lovers of everything outdoors, but also for any shutterbug looking for inspiration for a portfolio or just trying to capture some mementos of their journey to the beautiful island of Japan. As you’re enjoying the tranquil stroll up the hill, you can take a break and refresh at one of a handful of rest-stops that chose to leave their counterparts below or if you are feeling hearty, continue on without respite.


Just when you think this nirvana could not get any better, you suddenly hear the sound of falling water a short distance away. It is a hypnotic patter of a small waterfall and as the scene comes into view, it is quite easy to see that it indeed does lack the gargantuan splendor one might envision with the association of the term, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in Zen.


The scene you are greeted with is one of relaxation and meditation. You can sit on one of the benches set a short distance back from the lapping water and consider the infinitesimal uniqueness of creation. For those who might be in need of additional soothing, you can rest beside one of the rocks situated by the edge and dangle your feet into the cool refreshment of the pool and let it caress your cares away. Not that anyone would have many worries being surrounded with such splendor and beauty as enfolds the area. However, there is the danger that you might lose track of time as you sit and listen to the cadence of the water as it falls from its approximate 33 metre height. As you admire the way the occasional breeze soughs through the branches of the trees that decorate the foreground, and watch the leaves dance as they are kissed by the minute accumulation of mist from the gentle spray of falling droplets from the 5 meter wide cascade. The sight of what may be termed this miniature marvel serves as a reminder that it truly is; not the size that counts.


So if you are looking to enjoy a more peaceful moment surrounded by natural beauty, Minoh Falls is the ideal location.

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