Writer: D.A. Todd

Trinidadian born, residing in Japan, D.A. Todd enjoys consuming large amounts of Starbucks, visiting traditional Japanese sites and enjoying everything Japan has to offer. As a pescatarian, she particularly enjoys finding restaurants that cater to her love of Japanese foods and while here she plans to discover as much of Japan as she could and learn more about its traditions and history.

Summer Fun at Lake Biwa

Named after the Japanese musical instrument the Biwa because of its shape, the 259 square miles' body of water located in the Shiga prefecture is the home of many freshwater fish and supports the pearl industry. But what visitors soon discover is that on the western side of the lake there is a strip of land that meets all the requirements of a natural beach.

4 Hours in Hiroshima – Exciting Tours and Entertainment

If you ask anyone, where’s the best place to capture a slice of Hiroshima most people recommend the famous Torii gate and the friendly deer on Miyajima Island. However, to experience the vastness of this place, you would need an entire day. Instead, why not experience both the historical and modern aspects this wonderful prefecture has to offer, all within four hours?

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