4 Hours in Hiroshima – Exciting Tours and Entertainment

If you ask anyone, where’s the best place to capture a slice of Hiroshima, most people recommend the famous Torii gate and the friendly deer on Miyajima Island. However, to experience the vastness of this place, you would need an entire day. Instead, why not experience both the historical and modern aspects this wonderful prefecture has to offer, all within four hours?

Steeped in wars, change, then peace, Hiroshima has many ancient monuments that tell us what it has endured. One of the most symbolic of landmarks would be the Atomic Dome.

12:00~13:00 Visit the Atomic Dome

Located a quick tram ride away, if you’re in the city, the Atomic Dome is a reminder of all that Hiroshima suffered during World War II. Sitting southeast of where the Ōta and Motoyasu River split, the ruins of the dome stand tall surrounded by lush gardens. Take a quiet walk around the hauntingly beautiful remnants of the previously known Prefectural Industrial Promotional Hall, with its exposed brick and wireframe dome. The surviving structure remains a must-see, and a trip through the Peace Park in remembrance of the victims of this tragic event is something you would never regret.

13:00~14:00 Practice Samurai Archery Skills

Archery at Sha-Raku dojo

After you’ve visited the park, travel further into Japan's history to the age of the samurai. Only a five-minute walk from the Atomic Dome, Sha-Raku Dojo teaches the traditional method of Japanese Archery called Kyudo. This form of archery used by the samurai during feudal times, is a great sporting activity to try while in Japan. The gem of a school has class sessions lasting 15 to 45 minutes depending on the package you choose. All of the equipment and attire are available for rent, and the instructor is very patient and kind. Plus, if you go with your own group, he encourages friendly competition with prizes.

Archery at Sha-Raku dojo

14:00~15:00 Shopping in Hondori

With your imaginary enemies vanquished, and you’ve worked up a suitable appetite, take a walk down to the shopping district of Hondori. Running parallel to Aioi Dori, this covered shopping area hosts a wide variety of shops that would send any shopper’s heart into glee. The stores on Hondori Street cover everything including clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs. There are also many izakayas (traditional Japanese restaurants) and okonomiyaki restaurants where you can try some delicious and well-loved cuisine.

15:00~16:00 (or more) Play Games and Have Fun at Round One

Photo by Ving N on Unsplash.

To (no pun intended) round off your brief tour of Hiroshima City, you must visit Round One, multi-level building with games anyone can enjoy. Take a swing in the batting cages, bowl the perfect game in the bowling alley, or just relax with some good old-fashioned karaoke. Also, if you’re looking for quick modern games you should definitely try Taiko no Tatsujin. A digital replica of the traditional Taiko drum, this fun game is a favorite in Japan, where many people show off their drumming skills by challenging different levels to gain higher scores. Once gaming is over, be sure to get a commemorative picture in one of the photo booths, because no trip to Japan will be complete without a kawaii picture to remember.

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