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Some Occasional Greetings in Japanese

It’s the time to welcome a New Year. If this is your first New Year day in Japan, these greeting words should really help. Did you wish your friends and colleagues a ‘Happy New Year’ in Japanese?

Osaka Dialect: The Local's Language

In the way that Scotland has produced comedians like Billy Connolly, Frankie Boyle and Kevin Bridges, so too has Osaka produced most of the current crop of nationally famous comedians. Much like Glasgow, there is just something innately funny about what Osaka people say, and the way in which they say it.

Japanese Words That Don't Translate Into English

Most of you who have tried to learn Japanese know that it is a truly difficult language for native English speakers to master. According to a Voxy study it takes around 2,200 hours of study to become proficient in the language when compared to just 575 with Spanish which is closer to our native tongue.

Handy Japanese: A Few Key Phrases

Japanese is a pretty tough language to learn. Three different types of characters, consisting of 50 hiragana, 50 katakana, and over 2000 common kanji—with so much to start out with, sometimes it can be tricky to build up on the vocabulary aspect of the language.

Let's Play Shiritori (or Word Chains)

Let's play a word game. I'll start with the name of a place, like a city, state, province, or country, and you tell me the name of a different place that starts with the last letter of the city I mentioned. For example, if I say Rome, you might say Ethiopia. Which would mean I need to say someplace that starts with A. So, I'll use Aichi, which is a prefecture here in Japan. Then you start with I and so on and so forth.

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