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Tatami – a Tradition Still Very Much Alive in Japan

Nowadays, when it comes to practicing sports, though, the tatami used are industrially manufactured mats that, using modern and more affordable materials, mimic the firmness/fluffiness of the original ones. But that doesn’t mean that traditional (a.k.a. ‘real’ tatami) are a thing of the past. Quite the opposite!

10 Home Condiments to Level-up Your Noodles

10 Home Condiments to Level-up Your Instant Noodles

However, most of these condiments are actually things you are likely to have sitting around at home too, which means you too can use them to up your noodles game when you are eating at home. Here are 10 great ideas to make your domestic ramen experiences even better:

Invited to a Japanese Home?

An invitation to a Japanese home is considered a great honor in Japan. Marina Villar shares some tips from her personal experience of being invited as a guest at a Japanese home.

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